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Keto fruitcake

Keto Fruitcake in glorious Glamoutsa shape

Keto Fruitcake is finally here! A cake with berries, in fact, can and should be Ketonised! It’s not like we can’t eat any fruits on Keto, but then again, we should really stay away from the modern hybrids. They simply do more harm than good. The amount of sugar in […]

Shrimp scampi

Shrimp scampi shell broth, even better than the bone broth

Shrimp scampi, or just simply scampi is my favourite food on this planet. What a surprise when I saw the nutritional profile and a study on benefits of eating shrimp shells. Well, scampi and shrimp are not the same thing but generally their shells will give the same effect! The […]

Low Carb pie

Low-carb pie with pecans and red berries

Low carb pie in Greek Goes Keto universe is slightly different from Keto creations but it still can find a place on any Keto Mediterranean table. We simply call it low carb because we use a bit more of the nuts and seeds than usual. Maybe you have noticed that […]

Keto focaccia

Keto Focaccia with eastern Mediterranean soul

Keto Focaccia is the easiest quick pizza-alike creation you can prepare even when you don’t have a lot of time. However, our version, will not be loaded with almond and coconut flour as we prefer staying on the healthier side! Some years ago we ketonised focaccia and explained the connection […]

Healing with Keto

Healing with Keto Mediterranean Diet and lifestyle

Healing with Keto Mediterranean protocol is a task for the patient and stubborn! But does it work? You might say this is anecdotal, but whenever we hear another story about KMD helping to regain health or reverse symptoms of various conditions, we get inspired to talk about this almost miraculous […]

Keto egg muffins

Keto egg muffins with salmon and Mediterranean herbs

Keto egg muffins with delicious herbs and soft smoked salmon… But wait, any egg muffin is Keto! isn’t it? Sometimes you’ll see corn, cereals, flour, starch and other additives, so there’s a reason this one is specifically called Keto egg muffin! In fact, it’s so Mediterranean that it could be […]

κέτο Μεσογειακή διατροφή

Κέτο Μεσογειακή διατροφή και όλες οι παρανοήσεις!

Η Κέτο Μεσογειακή διατροφή έγινε σχεδόν πιο δημοφιλής από την τυπική Κέτο αυτές τις μέρες. Όταν ξεκινήσαμε το έργο μας, κανείς δεν χρησιμοποίησε αυτόν τον όρο. Ωστόσο, εάν κάνετε μια γρήγορη αναζήτηση στο διαδίκτυο, θα βρείτε τόσα πολλά βίντεο, άρθρα και ακόμη και βιβλία συγγραφέων που ζουν πολύ μακριά από […]

Ancient Greek

Keto Mediterranean diet and all the misconceptions

Keto Mediterranean diet or Mediterranean Keto is almost more popular than standard Keto these days. When we started our project, nobody even used this term. However, if you search the internet you will find so many videos, articles and even books by authors who live far away from the Mediterranean […]

Keto Mistakes

Keto mistakes ladies usually do and 4 ways to fix them

Keto mistakes ladies usually do can lead to disappointment. Let’s be honest, things like this can break our heart. As a woman, I can tell you, I feel even more heartbroken if I invested time and energy into something and this something turned to be wrong. It’s all a process […]