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Keto Mediterranean Retreat in Greece 2020 1

Keto Mediterranean Retreat in Greece 2020

Due to high demand, we would need you to send us a request to so we can organise your reservation. At this point, we have only 4 more spots available! Keto Mediterranean retreat is like a dream come true!!! Imagine 7 days of pure bliss surrounded by untouched nature […]

Gourmet Keto Chocolate

Gourmet Keto chocolate meat sauce

Gourmet Keto chocolate sauce became extremely popular in Europe at the beginning of this Millenium. But chocolate and (almost) carnivore creations seem to be a rare combination. It is usually enjoyed only by very passionate foodies. However, ever since the movie Chocolat which I saw back in 2000, I’ve been […]

Black pepper Keto

Black pepper Keto cookies with joyful rainbow icing

Black pepper Keto cookies taste so good that I can’t stop eating them. Ohh, that is because I ate them after a light dinner. Of course, they are 100% Keto and if you enjoy them after a propper Keto dinner, you will not be tempted to overeat! However, judging from […]