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Keto Vanilla

Quick Keto Vanilla Pudding With Honey Aroma

This Keto vanilla pudding is not a pudding at all, it’s more of a mousse. However, since it contains gelatine from Keto Honey substitute, the final result will be puddingish in texture. But the aroma… Ahh, the beautiful aroma of honey! Yes, we made a sugar-free honey substitute that you have […]

Ancient Greek

Ancient Greek honey cake – Keto modernisation

Almost everybody is fascinated with ancient Greek culture. It’s all around us, wherever you go. For example, I studied sports science and nutrition – imagine how many Greek terms  I had to use every day, even though I was studying in English. In anatomy, biochemistry, medicine, gastronomy – everywhere! As […]

pollen keto

Keto honey substitute with magical bee pollen

When you read the headline mentioning Keto honey, you most probably think this is a joke! Well, it is not. What kind of a Greek would I be if I did not devote at least one post to the main sweetener of Greek cuisine for millennia? I guess it’s a […]

pollen keto

Κέτο Μέλι – Το μόνο που λείπει από αυτό το μέλι είναι η φρουκτόζη!

Όταν διαβάζετε τον τίτλο που αναφέρεται στο Κέτο μέλι, πιθανότατα πιστεύετε ότι είναι αστείο! Λοιπόν, δεν είναι καθόλου αστείο! Τι Έλληνας θα ήμουν αν δεν αφιέρωνα τουλάχιστον μία θέση στο κύριο γλυκαντικό της ελληνικής κουζίνας εδώ και χιλιετίες; Υποθέτω όμως ότι είναι δύσκολο έργο. Όπως γνωρίζουμε, στη κετογονική διατροφή, καθώς […]

Homemade face serum

Homemade face serum with Keto ingredients

Homemade face serum with wonderful ingredients from my Keto Mediterranean kitchen was born a couple of days ago. What a surprise! It turned out better than anything I ever used before. Naturally, I am talking about industrial and homemade products and I have tried all of them! The softness and […]

zero-carb chips

Zero-carb chips or micro crepes with Keto attitude

Zero-carb chips that can serve as mini crepe bites? Yes, we managed and they taste and look so good that they simply have to be published for all the Keto foodies out there. Greek Goes Keto does not promote snacking between meals, so we’ll have to give them a better […]

Homemade vitamin jellies

Homemade vitamin jellies Keto to the full potential!

Homemade vitamin jellies will win any contest against the industrial ones. Maybe they will not look as perfect, but when it comes to ingredients – they will always be a better choice! As we are Ketonians, we need to make them sugar-free and this also means the lowest possible amount […]

Keto Crepes with Feta

Keto crepes with Feta – Ohh la-la the creaminess!

Keto crepes with Feta cheese is another project of ketonisation and unusual combination. I could have just used goat or sheep cream cheese and prepare standard Keto crepes. In fact, we already have several recipes that call for mascarpone or cream cheese in the crepes batter. One of them is […]

Ancient cough remedy

Ancient cough remedy from the Keto Mediterranean kitchen

Ancient cough remedy has been used by people who struggled to survive winters throughout history. It comes in different forms and flavours and many believers in natural remedies swear by it. However, modern humans prefer those solutions from the pharmacy! I know, you would most probably take anything just to […]