Best winter holiday beverages

Best winter holiday beverages from the land of Ketonia

The best winter holiday beverages on the Greek Goes Keto website deserve to be presented in a single article. We know that searching for recipes can be tiring and sometimes you just don’t have the time. Well, since this year most of us will be forced to stay at home, we thought it would be good to talk about the hot and cold beverages you can consume while the days of December and early January bring a lot of celebrations.

What to celebrate at the end of 2020?

This is a question many Ketonians and even more Non-Ketonians will ask themselves. Well, we have reached the end of the weirdest year in decades. Yet, somehow we still care about small details, celebration, tradition and connection. At least the vast majority of us still feel the basic human need for socialising. When the term Social distancing took over, many of us asked where is this leading us? Yes, physical distancing would be a better term, maybe has some sense. But social distancing should never be used. We the humans are social beings and nobody will take this away from us.

Enjoying holiday beverages but staying healthy

You may say the best winter holiday beverage is water! Well, water is the best beverage at any time, but do we want to celebrate and get warm? Yes, we do! This doesn’t mean we will drink tons of alcohol, especially not the type that came from fermented cereals. We still can enjoy a cocktail or two, Keto eggnog or hot chocolate and feel the power of spices! Winter is the time when we love creamy and steamy beverages. What is your cup of tea? This is why we’ll remind you of some of the best recipes published throughout the years on our website!

#1 Best winter holiday beverage – Äggmjölk (Egg Milk)

When the Greeks visited Vikings and they brought Äggmjölk to the land of Ketonia. This recipe was published some three years ago and it still keeps surprising. Who would have thought eggs, butter and hot water can taste so good? Not only taste, but this combo will also give you only the top nutrients that the ketogenic philosophy can offer.

#2 Best winter holiday beverage – Keto Chocolate Eggnog

Keto chocolate Eggnog was published for all Ketonians who prefer chocolate exaggeration in the winter? Yes, why not when it can be the most nutritious and delicious treat! But can we make it 100% Keto, or better say, can we make it KMD? Does this mean our Keto chocolate Eggnog can be anti-inflammatory? Of course, all KMD ingredients work synergistically to reduce inflammation and provide real nutrients! This recipe will make you fall in love with the hybrid of hot chocolate and eggnog.

#3 Best winter holiday beverage – Ancient cacao drink

Ancient cacao drink is known as the proto-chocolate and an ideal alternative to coffee! If you are considering reducing your daily dose of coffee, you are probably wondering how to survive the day without caffeine? Luckily, there are adequate, healthy replacements! But with this particular replacement, you will be sure that nothing of that wonderful flavour is missing.

#4 Best winter holiday beverage – Keto Avgoccino

This is the most nutritious Cappuccino in the Galaxy! As we know, the most nutritious food in this universe comes in the form of the small egg. Could you believe, a single quail egg has more nutrients than 3 hen eggs! Not to mention minerals, vitamins and antibacterial properties. Now, I know we’ve been through this subject so many times, but it’s really important to learn more about what’s left of most nutritious foods on Earth. Here’s an interesting fact. If you miss milk in coffee, this will be a healthier twist!

#5 Best winter holiday beverage – Refreshing infused water

Keto hydration is as important as the macronutrient ratio! Judging from the historical books, eating excess amounts of food during the festivities has been a habit humans have been practising for more than 4 millennia now. It’s simple! When we want to celebrate, we always do it with food! Our close emotional response to food has been a matter of many studies and still, we cannot escape it. It’s almost as if it was written in our DNA. For example, even though we had a 100% Keto menu for this Christmas, we still had a bit too much of everything. We are just humans, after all!

#6 Best winter holiday beverage – Keto tonic with juniper berries

The best Keto tonic in our galaxy is here! The feeling it gives is something every true Keto foodie will appreciate! Yes, it’s like Hippocrates prescribed you medication that can rejuvenate, but it’s just so tasty that you want to drink it all the time! 😉 In fact, Hippocrates had at least 100 different recipes featuring juniper berries as food or medicine. 

People often turn medicinal tonics into fun beverages. This is exactly what happened to Gin! 😉 Originally, it was a medicinal tonic from Holland, but people liked it so much that they continued drinking it as an alcoholic beverage. Not that we promote enjoying alcohol too often, but on occasion, gin would be a 100% Keto friendly option.

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