Carnivore Moussaka
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Carnivore Moussaka – Let it be Greek to you

Carnivore Moussaka anyone? How about this crazy but delicious idea! I was just talking to my butcher about slicing the veal very thin for Viener schnitzel when the idea came to me. Instead of layers of zucchini, eggplant and tomato, why don’t I try to make a Carnivore Moussaka? I asked my friendly butcher to mince some lamb and mix it with veal and the rest is really just playing around.

Carnivore movement

Ever since we published our first Carnivore recipe (Greek Stifado) the ideas for preparing carnivore dishes are being born. There are many Ketonians who occasionally try this way of eating or switch to it for various reasons. To learn how to perform this zero carb diet, you can simply read Apollona’s article where he categorised Carnivore into three groups:

  • Carnivores that eat just meat and sometimes fish
  • Carnivores that eat meat, some dairy, eggs and seafood
  • Carnivores that are not afraid to use herbs and spices plus enjoy coffee (that’s Apollonas)

How to assemble a carnivore Moussaka

Well, since we already ketonised Greek Moussaka we don’t have to worry about starch and flour. Especially if you are doing Carnivore but don’t mind including some dairy. Naturally, for a Carnivore Moussaka, you will need your veal cutlet to be cut really thin. The best way to make your veal slices almost as thin as the paper is to roll them the way we did in this video:

Making the perfect creamy topping

In our Keto moussaka recipe, we used a mixture of sour cream and eggs for topping. This is an ideal combination, but it can be tweaked. if you are lucky enough to have Greek sheep yoghurt available, it would be a perfect ingredient. If not, then good old mascarpone will work with some addition of any Greek yoghurt for the sourness.

Ideally, you will use this cheese for a perfect Greek flavour and you can get it in our webshop!
Greek Kefalograviera from Greek Goes Keto webshop is available in USA and Canada

Let’s just get to work, Carnivore Moussaka mode on!

Carnivore Moussaka

Carnivore Moussaka

Recipe by Roberta Kapsalis
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Course: Main courseCuisine: Keto MediterraneanDifficulty: Medium


Prep time


Cooking time






  • 500g (1 Lb) thin veal cutlets

  • 250g (8,8 oz) minced lamb

  • 250g (8.8 oz) minced veal or beef

  • 8 medium free-range eggs

  • 400g (14 oz) Sheep yoghurt – Greek strained type (alternatively use sour cream)

  • 100g grated kefalograviera cheese

  • 50g (1,7 oz) butter or ghee (we always use goat or sheep butter)

  • Spice mixture (amounts to your liking)
  • garlic powder

  • smoked red paprika powder

  • powdered rosemary

  • ceylon cinnamon

  • sea salt

  • black, red and white pepper, freshly ground

  • ground bay leaves

  • dried peppermint

  • dried oregano


  • First prepare your minced meat layer. Melt the butter in a deep frying pan or a saucepan and brown your meat mixture in it. Add all the spices from the list to your liking except the oregano. This you will add in the end so it doesn’t get bitter. When the meat sauce is ready, remove from heat and add 1 egg. Stir energetically. Set it aside
  • Roll the veal cutlets with a rolling pin as shown in the video above. Grease a clay or ceramic baking dish with some butter or ghee.
  • beat 1 egg with a pinch of sea salt and pepper. Dip each veal slice in it the egg and place it on the bottom of your baking dish.
  • Bake in the oven for 10 minutes at 180ºC (350ºF)
  • Using an electric mixer beat the sheep yoghurt (or sour cream) with 6 eggs. Add some salt to your liking.
  • Pour the meat sauce over the veal slices and return the Carnivore moussaka in the oven. Bake for 10 minutes. Now cover it with eggs and yoghurt or cream mixture and return in the oven. Keep baking for another 10 minutes.
  • Now add grated Kefalograviera cheese on top and distribute it evenly. Return to the oven and bake for another 10 minutes. You can use the roasting from top method by turning on just your upper heater in the oven.
  • Serve with more grated cheese or some more sour cream. Use fresh parsley or any other decoration..


  • For a quicker version, you can just use minced meat sauce and top it with the creamy topping and cheese.
  • Do not cut it until it’s at least halfway cooled down. This will allow you to cut nice slices with sharp edges.
  • Carnivores don’t care for the macros other than carbs! So if you are on Keto, cut a smaller piece if you are worried about high protein content.

This is a high-caloric dish due to butter, high-fat sheep yoghurt and aged cheese. You can always reduce the portion size and that way adjust the intake of protein/fat/carbs and calories. Furthermore, have in mind that sheep yoghurt is the only thing that is adding carbs to this dish. However, it’s still under all Keto and Carni allowed levels! IWhen it comes to the flavour… just make it and thank me later! 😉

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  1. This sounds like a delicious version of moussaka. I can’t wait to try making it for my mostly carni husband who is also half Greek. 🙂

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