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Savoury Keto Cheesecake – The easier version in a bundt pan

Savoury Keto Cheesecake was already a star here on Greek Gose Keto. However, that recipe is quite complicated and requires many more kinds of cheese. Also, it calls for patience and time. I wanted to work on that recipe and reduce the preparation time. Also, I wanted to make it with common ingredients which we…

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Greek Feta in a homemade marinade – Another level of Ketonian “Gourmetism”

Greek Feta is on the throne of healthy dairy products and we wrote about this on so many occasions. Well, you can simply cut a piece of mighty feta, or crumble it and turn any dish into fantasy meal. However, please forgive us for being repetitive – Greek Feta is authentic only if made in Greece and only if it was made with sheep and goat milk!

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Pickled Eggs – Greek Goes Keto summer edition

Pickled eggs saved us on many occasions! Surviving the heatwave in days or early August is a matter of experience for people who live in the Mediterranean zone. However, this summer, unbearable heat has reached Finland and England and other northern European countries! For Ketonians, all around the globe, sometimes heat gets even more difficult…

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Baked Feta appetiser – The ultimate Keto Mediterranean experience

Baked Feta cheese might be the most delicious and healthy appetiser you’ll ever prepare. You will need authentic Greek Feta cheese available in our webshop.

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Cricket flour on Keto? Yes, and ten times yes! Here’s why…

Cricket flour is something that we wanted to examine for a long time but we were not able to obtain it. And now finally, when it arrived at our Greek Keto kitchen, it brought a lot of joy and excitement! The first thing I made with it was, of course, crepes. 😉

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Keto summer appetisers with basil and fish roe

Keto summer recipes anyone? how about not turning on the stove or your oven at all? Wonderful, right?! Well, if you are preparing a nice meal with seafood, you might as well prepare a nice starter or appetiser to impress your guests or family. In fact, this particular recipe will give you an extra boost…

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Keto Tzatziki goes pink – colourful Greek inspiration

Keto Tzatziki dip was ketonised on our website sometimes in the spring last year. If you search the internet, you will find that almost every Keto website has their version. When it comes to our version, it’s as original as it can be! Actually, we make it in Greece every summer! Many ketonians loved it…

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Savoury Keto Cheesecake in a bundt pan inspired by Tiropita

Savoury Keto cake is my favourite baking experiment. Let’s be honest, whatever you do with sweet cakes, there will always be someone who will love it. On the other side, with the savoury Keto cake, it’s a bit tricky! You can’t use the sweetener, cinnamon, vanilla extract, zest of citrus or other helpers. You have…

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Wild asparagus salad – Keto friendly food from the forest

Wild asparagus, in principle, is quite different from cultivated asparagus in several ways. However, this nutritious plant remains a reliable source of minerals like all asparagus varieties. Cultivated asparagus almost has the same appearance as wild asparagus, but it’s usually thicker and bigger. Wild asparagus are perennials, providing a nutritious source for a wild-greens lover….

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Keto Liver paté – because we love vitamin B complex

Keto Liver Paté is something you can call a power-food and a vitamin booster! Homemade, of course! Without any additives that the industry likes to add! You will start with the fresh liver of your choice, and then just add magical spices and ever-mighty olive oil. Naturally, As a good Ketonian, you will not forget your butter….