Keto Muffins

Keto Muffins With Sparkling Mineral Water

Keto Muffins come is savoury and sweet version and there’s a large number of recipes available to Ketonians. However, to achieve the effect of gluten and baking powder reaction in standard carby muffins, Ketonians have to learn a few tricks. The main characteristic of really good Keto muffins is the […]

Keto Skordalia – Or How To Forget Mashed Potatoes

Keto Skordalia – to anybody who knows this traditional Greek dip – sounds like an oxymoron! It’s originally made with mashed potatoes. How can it be Keto?  In fact, the famous Greek garlic dip was waiting for its turn on our Ketonisation list for a long time. Well, even though […]

tiropita greek

Keto Tiropita – For All the Lovers of Greek Cheese Pie

Keto Tiropita has already been a successful subject of my experiment with Phyllo dough. It’s the most famous Greek cheese pie that has been adored by tourists and Greeks for so many years. However, this time I decided to work on the dough a bit more so that we can avoid the typical aftertaste known to […]

Quail eggs

Quail eggs Keto Mayonnaise – Ancient, modern medicine

Quail eggs came to Europe from East Asia. These small and unusually looking eggs are much more than just a type of food. In fact, they are a natural remedy for various diseases and conditions. In ancient times, noble Greeks and Romans ate much more Quail than hen eggs. Also, roasted […]

Keto Mediterranean

Keto Mediterranean lifestyle- Greek villager’s omelette

Keto Mediterranean lifestyle could be the best answer to all the contemporary diseases of humanity. Not only that people in this area live longer and happier, they also prefer organic, homemade and rustic cooking. In fact, the tradition of slow cooking did not change much, not even in the 21st […]

Keto mini bread pastry – healthy bites from the south

Keto mini bread pastry was a big hit at one of our previous birthday parties. People simply kept asking for more. Is this really flourless? They kept bombing us with questions. -How can you bake something so tasty without any cereal flour? How did they grow without yeast, how come […]


Dakos from Crete – Keto bread reformation

These days I’ve been asked about Keto bread by many followers and readers. This is why I decided to pay a tribute to my beloved island of Crete. This specific island could be considered as a small continent. They simply have everything to sustain life! From awesome climate to their […]

Greek salad

World-famous Greek salad with Keto macros

Greek salad became extremely popular during the eighties and onwards. Not only in Europe, in Australia and America, our hard-working diaspora opened thousands of Greek tavernas, some of which are quite expensive and even gourmet. There are Greek restaurants even in Japan and from what I hear, they are extremely […]

Keto Pretzel

Quick Keto pretzels – ideal food for the road

A thought of keto pretzels came to me this morning. Another exciting trip is ahead of us. My wife and I are preparing for a long road trip to ancient Olympia and Sparta. Being the lovers of everything that ancient Greeks left us in legacy, we are anticipating the adventure […]