Electrolytes ice pops for the days of extreme heat

Electrolytes are important and Ketonians know it better than anyone else. However, when we talk about those mineral supplements, we need to ask ourselves – are they truly good for us as natural minerals are? The pharmaceutic industry will offer you 1000 solutions in all possible forms. But if you just start reading the ingredients,…


Are you on Keto, but still don’t look fit? Here are 4 solutions

Are you on Keto, or even better, have you decided to switch to KMD and somehow you still feel heavy, bloated and overweight? If the centimetres around your waistline, arms and legs are not dropping, you could be overeating and not paying attention to micronutrients. Don’t worry, It happens to many Ketonians, especially if they…


Zero-carb chips or micro crepes with Keto attitude

Zero-carb chips that can serve as mini crepe bites? Yes, we managed and they taste and look so good that they simply have to be published for all the Keto foodies out there. Greek Goes Keto does not promote snacking between meals, so we’ll have to give them a better role. They are so versatile!…


Homemade vitamin jellies Keto to the full potential!

Homemade vitamin jellies will win any contest against the industrial ones. Maybe they will not look as perfect, but when it comes to ingredients – they will always be a better choice! As we are Ketonians, we need to make them sugar-free and this also means the lowest possible amount of fructose! Homemade jellies and…

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Intermittent fasting beverages – 7 delicious flavours that will lift your spirit and not break the fast

Intermittent fasting beverages sound quite boring if you just say herbal tea, unsweetened black coffee and water! Does Keto Mediterranean lifestyle have to be that restrictive during these health-beneficial hours? We all know that we have to teach ourselves to get rid of sugar and milk cravings in your morning coffee rituals, but there’s still…


Keto taramasalata – It can be done without bread and potatoes!

Keto Taramasalata was one of the most requested Ketonisations we kept receiving from Greeks and lovers of everything Greek. It’s extremely popular among tourists but rarely anyone knows the ancient recipe. We thought, since we ketonised the Skordalia, a good Ketonian will know how to turn it into Taramasalata with just adding some fish roe….


Carnivore pie – the queen of all Keto pizza inventions

Carnivore pie I made the other day was a star of our day. Not only that it was ready in 17 minutes, but it also seduced our Non-Ketonian friend who came by around the lunchtime. On Twitter, where you will find a lot of tweeting carnivores, it got a lot of attention! Who doesn’t like…

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Ancient cough remedy from the Keto Mediterranean kitchen

Ancient cough remedy has been used by people who struggled to survive winters throughout history. It comes in different forms and flavours and many believers in natural remedies swear by it. However, modern humans prefer those solutions from the pharmacy! I know, you would most probably take anything just to stop coughing after a cold,…


Keto snowballs of fire or white truffles for the finest foodies of Ketonia

Keto snowballs of fire sound like the biggest oxymoron on the planet. We should call the Keto truffles, but they are so much more than that… Well, can something look like a snowball but pack so much energy? Followed by seductive flavour, nutrients, and the explosion of emotions? Ohh, trust me it can and this…

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Keto on vacations without cheating at all

Keto on vacations has never been easier. And here we talk about clean and healthy Keto lifestyle. this article will give you all the info you need.