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Homemade hand cream

Homemade hand cream – the Keto approach

Homemade hand cream is the only thing that saves my dry skin these days. Since all of us are in the same waters, or better say, the same soap, we get the typical hand dryness effect! Your skin is the largest and best-protecting organ you have. Imagine, it even protects […]

Ancient cough remedy

Ancient cough remedy from the Keto Mediterranean kitchen

Ancient cough remedy has been used by people who struggled to survive winters throughout history. It comes in different forms and flavours and many believers in natural remedies swear by it. However, modern humans prefer those solutions from the pharmacy! I know, you would most probably take anything just to […]

Gourmet Keto Chocolate

Gourmet Keto chocolate meat sauce

Gourmet Keto chocolate sauce became extremely popular in Europe at the beginning of this Millennium. But chocolate and (almost) carnivore creations seem to be a rare combination. It is usually enjoyed only by very passionate foodies. However, ever since the movie Chocolat which I saw back in 2000, I’ve been […]