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Stop counting macros, eat more meat!

Stop counting macros sounds like anti-Keto approach but it doesn’t have to be! Before I start, I would like to point out that this article covers the subject of fat-loss. A therapeutic aspect of the Ketogenic diet for neurological or other health problems is another subject. Let’s talk about the most frequent reason people start…

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Monk fruit – 4 reasons why it’s the best Keto sweetener

Monk fruit (Luo Han Guo) on Keto diet is the best sweetener you can use and we have been covering this subject on numerous occasions in our LIVE videos. Now, if you already reduced the need for Keto sweetener and you cleaned your taste buds, chances are you will need far less to sweeten up…

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Keto frying oil or fat – what do you use?

Keto frying oil or fat or should you fry food at all is the question here. Since you are on a Greek website, you might think that I will be writing another saga about olive oil. Well, think again! 😉 This Keto Greek loves the olive oil, but not so much for frying. Especially if…

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Treating anxiety with Keto and herbal remedies

Anxiety is not something new but could be the most frequent emotional problem in today’s world. Many underestimate the severity of anxiety, seeing it as capricious behaviour. But this is quite an unfair judgement! Anxiety disorders cause psychic tension, panic, worry, agitation and fear. These are sometimes so severe that they cause deep suffering and…

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Keto for children – Everything you need to know

Keto for children is as safe as it is for adults if done correctly! This is a simple sentence but I wanted to start this article with this statement. Yes, originally, the Ketogenic diet was designed for treating children with epilepsy. However, it became extremely popular in the past 10 years due to obesity epidemy…

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Cornelian Cherry – The forgotten elixir of ancient forest

Cornelian cherry is almost a deity in Eastern European stories and myths. From the times when ancient people were discovering healing potentials of certain foods, this magic tree has been used from root to fruits. I don’t know why it got the suffix “cherry” English, but I assure you, it’s not even a cousin of…

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Pine nuts are totally Keto – Protein boost from the ancient forest

Mediterranean people have been using Pine nuts in cooking and medicine preparation. Numerous recipes for healthy salads, sauces, side dishes feature these mysterious nuts that are actually seeds.

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Ancient chewing gum is totally Keto friendly – Mastic from the island of Chios

However, there is something completely natural, completely sugar-free and extremely aromatic that can and should become a part of every Ketonian lifestyle. This ancient chewing gum is called Mastic and guess what – it comes from Greece! 😉

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Stitch is painful but can it be fixed?

Why stitches occur and how to prevent them? Stitch is really annoying! If you are running or performing any kind of cardio, this could be one of the problems you encounter on a regular basis. Here at Greek Goes Keto we love solving things and offering help 😉 Therefore, here’s an article that will give…

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Keto lifestyle – All the edible, natural and healthy colours from your kitchen

Keto lifestyle is so much more than just cooking or buying Keto friendly ingredients, counting macros and following Keto celebs on social media. Did you ever think about the colour of the food we consume? For example, colourful dishes are our passion! Maybe you have noticed how everything on Greek Goes Keto is intensive in…