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Mediterranean bone broth and its 4 amazing advantages

Mediterranean bone broth is the subject we wanted to cover for a long period of time, but somehow we didn’t. Now, I know that in the rest of the Keto universe, bone broth is prepared with beef bones. That’s the most affordable and most common bone broth. However, did you know that lamb, veal or…

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Keto soup with smokey flavour and winter aromas – KMD Cure

Keto soup creation should never be focusing only on macronutrient ratio! Yes, these soups need to have fewer carbs, none if possible, but they simply have to be more nutritious than ordinary gourmet soups with noodles and tons of vegetables. Keto soup – or even better – KMD soup needs to nourish your body, spirit…

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Keto spicy pot of strength – When the cold days take over

Keto spicy pots, stews, “chorba” and soups… Nothing brings back the energy and helps you to survive this unusual change of seasons like slow-cooked pots with meat, spices and vegetables. But if you want to lift it to a higher level, you will reach for the smoked beef! As simple as that, this wonderful ingredient…

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Keto Rabbit Pizza – Gourme project that even Carnivores will adore

Keto Rabbit Pizza originally was supposed to be a pie. I wanted to make a version of our Keto Kotopita because Apollonas keeps stressing out that chicken is not the healthiest meat choice. So, since rabbit in texture and flavour is very similar to chicken (but ten times more nutritious and has anti-inflammatory properties) I…

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Keto Chorba – Tastiest meat stew to welcome the autumn

Keto Chorba is a rich stew but it’s also a soup. It could be the most nutritious soup you’ll ever prepare. It’s difficult to find something more nutritious on this Earth than meat. However, the world has gone crazy and the anti-meat propaganda is attacking people’s healthy food tradition more than ever before. How Greek…

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Keto Tikvara (Kolokithopita) – A pie that tells fairytales

Keto Tikvara is a magical ketonisation of a medieval recipe from Bosnia and Herzegovina. You will not believe how great is the land, mountains, rivers, lakes, history, resources, people and food in this country! Long before the Ottoman Empire conquered the medieval kingdom of Bosnia, people were using buckwheat and ground flaxseed based dough to…

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Greek meatballs with Kalamata olives – Just another Keto blessing

Greek meatballs with feta cheese are one of our most successful recipes. Easy to prepare, delicious, moist, juicy and at the same time Carnivore friendly. With this in mind, I created a totally new twist to this flavourable Greek Keto dish. Everybody knows that olives can be combined well with fish. How about meat? In…

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Carnivore Moussaka – Let it be Greek to you

Carnivore Moussaka anyone? How about this crazy but delicious idea! I was just talking to my butcher about slicing the veal very thin for Viener schnitzel when the idea came to me. Instead of layers of zucchini, eggplant and tomato, why don’t I try to make a Carnivore Moussaka? I asked my friendly butcher to…

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Keto Paella ala El Greco – Or how the Greek ketonised the Spanish legend

Keto Paella has been on our mind ever since we started Greek Goes Keto. Both Roberta and I love Spanish culture, music, language, art, almost everything from the land of Pan. In fact, our dear friend Alejandro from Almeria could confirm our love for his land.

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Quick Keto Fish paprikash – With a Greek Twist

Quick Keto Fish Paprikash is another answer to those who don’t find fish really desirable. However, we are sure that there must be a way to prepare fish so that everybody loves it. In fact, most people adore grilled fish! That’s the easiest and most popular way to prepare fish in the Mediterranean zone. However, what if you just want your fish to swim in a nice sauce and have the herbs to emphasise its unique flavour?