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Keto Rabbit stew – A Greek Twist to famous Hasenpfeffer

Keto rabbit stew is so delicious and nutritious that you can treat it as medicinal food. Try this outstanding Greek recipe with Keto macros.

Main Dishes | Mediterranean

Mutton burgers with Greek Devilled eggs and smoked salmon – Keto empowerment plate

Mutton burgers are the tastiest burgers any Ketonian or Carnivore person could try. Trust me, if you get nice fatty mutton from your butcher, you’ll be treated with gourmet experience! Aromatic herbs flavour in mutton burgers Mutton burgers don’t require all sorts of fancy spices. Good old sea salt and a pinch of black pepper…

Main Dishes | Mediterranean

Keto Santorini experience – when all the nutrients sing a Cycladic poem

Keto Santorini experience can and should be prepared in any Ketonian home. Now, I know that original Santorini white eggplants and cherry tomatoes are not exported to all the countries around the globe. In some countries, you can find them if you search for the places Greek restaurants supply their ingredients from. But, of course, this is only for the biggest foodies and Hellenophiles.

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Keto Stir Fry – A Big Fat, Red Hot Lamb Deliciousness

Keto stir fry recipes around the world wide web usually include chicken or pork. As the promoters of Keto Mediterranean way of cooking, we had to give a healthier twist to this! In fact, from all the meat widely available in the market today, lamb could be the healthiest meat! As we know, in the Mediterranean…

Main Dishes | Mediterranean | Recipes

Gemista – Greek stuffed veggies with Keto macros

Gemista is Ketonised!!!  Eureka moment all over again. Yes, the most beloved summer and springtime Greek dish comes with perfect Keto macros now. 😉 How about the flavour, you might ask? Well, it has been tested by Ketonians and Non-Ketonians. It has also been tasted by the Greeks and Non-Greeks. Guess what? Everyone loved it. The…

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Keto Magiritsa – Greek Easter soup with almost no carbs

Keto Magiritsa is not much different from the traditional Greek Easter soup. In fact, if you exclude the rice, you already got yourself a perfect Keto soup that is packed with nutrients from lamb offal. Not to mention egg yolks and aromatic Mediterranean spices… If you are not Greek, maybe this doesn’t sound very attractive…

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Delicious & nutritious Keto lunch idea

Delicious and nutritious don’t necessarily come together. In fact, if something is labelled as super-food it usually is not that tasty. That is if you buy an industrial, overprocessed and pre-packed meals. In the world we live in, everything is judged. Someone has the taste of food as the only parameter, while the majority of Ketonians…

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Mediterranean spring salsa goes Keto

Mediterranean early spring is tricky! One day you might find yourself under the rays of the warm sun, wanting to take all your winter clothes off, while on the next day the northern Bura wind freezes you to the bone. This is the time when people here catch a cold! Why? Well, it’s not because…

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Keto Spanakopita – The quick version

Keto Spanakopita could be the most popular Greek pie ever posted on this website. Spinach is one of those things that people simply love or hate! However, things are different when it comes to Greek spanakopita. I am not talking only about the original version with carby phyllo dough! The old-fashioneds Keto spanakopita which we…

Main Dishes | Mediterranean | Recipes

Keto Ravioli – Vol. 1 (dry pan roasted)

Keto Ravioli is another ketonisation that usually includes cheese or some sort of gum in the dough. Well, since this is the Greek Goes Keto approach to pastry and dough preparation, we think that it can be done with just psyllium! This extremely versatile helper in Keto baking can be utilised in different ways. Did…