Brochures and various publications

Brochures and publications are always helpful! Greek Goes Keto loves to share the knowledge and recommend healthy Keto Mediterranean foods, places, restaurants and even kitchen appliances.

As you know, Keto, and especially Keto Mediterranean, is not just a diet, it’s a lifestyle. It’s a healing and life-changing lifestyle that relays on ancient philosophies and wisdom.

In the brochures and publications category, we will be publishing various brochures, booklets and other material with tutorials, recommendation, tips and tricks. Also, we will give our best to publish touristic brochures for all the Ketonians who would like to travel to Mediterranean countries. (Especially Greece, Croatia and Herzegovina)

You can print them out and take them with you on your trip! ;)

Stay Ketonised and informed to the full potential!

Herzegovina on Keto

A small guide to Keto in Herzegovina

If you love to travel and if you are planning to visit Herzegovina, we have a great gift for you! It’s a unique brochure we assembled for all the Ketonians who plan to visit this little gem in the south-east of Europe. This brochure was created in cooperation with Touristic […]