Desserts | Under 5 Minutes

Quickest Keto chocolate fix in the universe – Raw deliciousness in 2 minutes

Quickest Keto chocolate fix is another EUREKA moment at Greek Goes Keto. Now, we know Keto chocolate is a subject that can be controversial in Ketonia. But, as long as you make your Keto dessert at home, from clean ingredients, you are on the right path. The problem is when we turn to industrial chocolate….

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Keto summer appetisers with basil and fish roe

Keto summer recipes anyone? how about not turning on the stove or your oven at all? Wonderful, right?! Well, if you are preparing a nice meal with seafood, you might as well prepare a nice starter or appetiser to impress your guests or family. In fact, this particular recipe will give you an extra boost…

Desserts | Mediterranean | Recipes | Under 5 Minutes

Keto frozen dessert in 3 minutes

Keto frozen dessert really can be prepared in 3 minutes. I am not calling it ice cream or frozen yoghurt even though it looks like both of these treats. You can prepare this unbelievable dessert literally anywhere! Not only in the convenience of your kitchen, but even in your hotel room when you are travelling….

Beverages | Recipes | Under 5 Minutes

Keto Ice tea – A blue idea from another planet

Keto Ice tea would be any herbal tea with ice cubes and maybe a slice of lemon. Well, this can be right, but also it can be tricky. Unsweetened tea, if it’s not made with peaches or some other fruits, in fact, is a welcome drink in the fast-approaching days of heat. However, the offer…

Beverages | Recipes | Under 5 Minutes

Ancient cacao drink – for Ketonians who can’t have too much coffee

Ancient cacao drink is known as the proto-chocolate and an ideal alternative to coffee! If you are considering reducing your daily dose of coffee, you are probably wondering how to survive the day without caffeine? Luckily, there are adequate, healthy replacements! But with this particular replacement, you will be sure that nothing of that wonderful…

Beverages | Recipes | Under 5 Minutes

Keto Avgoccino – The most nutritious Cappuccino in the Galaxy

The most nutritious food in this universe comes in the form of the small egg. Could you believe, a single quail egg has more nutrients than 3 hen eggs! Not to mention minerals, vitamins and antibacterial properties. Now, I know we’ve been through this subject so many times, but it’s really important to learn more…

Beverages | Recipes | Under 5 Minutes

Keto Hydration – Refreshing infused water for after the festivities

Keto hydration is as important as macronutrient ratio! Judging from the historical books, eating excess amounts of food during the festivities has been a habit humans have been practising for more than 4 millennia now. It’s simple! When we want to celebrate, we always do it with food! Our close emotional response to food has…

Beverages | Recipes | Under 5 Minutes

Greek visits the Vikings and brings Äggmjölk (Egg Milk)

Äggmjölk (Egg Milk) is such a natural thing if you happen to read this from Sweden. People throughout history glorified the milk so much that they tried to alchemy their way to make more of this source of nourishment. Especially in the north, where you can’t expect the animals to give so much milk during…

Beverages | Recipes | Under 5 Minutes

A perfect intermittent fasting beverage

A perfect intermittent fasting beverage is water – of course. Maybe mineral water with a dash of salt. However, many people struggle with the almighty intermittent fast and desperately want to drink coffee. Well, I’ve been asked one million times by clients, just how much coffee can they have during the fast. Not much, if…

Desserts | Mediterranean | Recipes | Under 5 Minutes

Keto watermelon granita – should I stay or should I go?

Many of you have visited Greece during the summer. Perhaps, you enjoyed a dinner in a Greek taverna where at the end of the meal, they bring you a free plate of sliced watermelon. Well, watermelons are a part of our culture. They grow all around Greece, especially in the Peloponnese, and they play a significant…