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Delicious twist ideas with Keto leftovers

Delicious twist ideas and tricks with the Keto food left from the previous day will be our new project. Experimenting in the kitchen is really fun and inspiring activity. Imagine, all the leftovers can be turned into something even better than the original dish was with the right idea. Of course, you have to be careful with storing the food for the next day. If you are feeling creative, or if you are always having some leftovers, then this article will be ideal for you!

In today’s fast going and busy world, we always tend to overcook, thinking we will be covered with another meal tomorrow. But in many cases, just baked or cooked meat and vegetables don’t taste or look as good as they did on the first day. Luckily, there are many ideas on how to refresh the leftovers and make them into a perfect new dish.

Of course, when you are on Keto, you know that your good fats can help here. Sour cream, butter, mayonaisse, olive oil, and good old full fat yoghurt can turn any leftovers into a wonderful salad with dressing. But there’s just much more than this. Let’s go through 5 quick and easy ideas for delicious twist recipes. You will be surprised by the potential of leftovers from your healthy KMD kitchen…

Delicious twist 1 – Quick Mediterranean salsa

Just about any previously baked meat will be great on the next day if you wrap it in plastic foil and keep it in the refrigerator. However, it tends to get dry if we try to reheat it. As we know, clean Keto we don’t nuke our food which means no microwave! So, the classical oven seems to be the only option here. But it doesn’t have to be!

Here’s a trick. Chop the meat into small cubes and add it to the quick Mediterranean sauce. How to make this quick sauce? Piece of cake! 😉 Just place some spring onion, olive oil, bell pepper, 2 cloves of garlic, half a tomato and maybe a zucchini in a food processor and blend them into a paste. Then saute your meat cubes in butter or coconut oil, add the quick sauce that you’ve just blended and stir well.

After a couple of minutes, you can add all your favourite herbs and spices. I like to serve such a dish with a lot of grated goat cheese or crumbled feta. Really tasty! Also, you can just prepare a stew with vegetables (such as mushrooms and broccoli) and add your yesterday’s meat at the end of cooking. This will taste and look equally attractive!

Delicious twist

Delicious twist 2 – Creamy and steamy soup

This is my favourite twist if I have shrimp or fish leftovers. Sometimes we prepare way too much fish and even though we both love it, we have a lot of leftovers. The best way to preserve the fish for the next day is to cover it with olive oil and place it in a glass or ceramic container with a lid. If you haven’t tried our Keto fish soup (Psarosupa) now is an ideal moment to check the recipe.

But it can also be prepared with leftover fish which you can add at the end of the cooking process. You can make exactly the same soup with any other meat or even mushrooms. Just add the chopped leftovers at the end of cooking and nobody will even notice that the meat of fish you used is actually from yesterday. Sprinkle with a lot of fresh herbs, this always gives that restaurant feeling when serving the soup!

Delicious twist 3 – Ever mighty paté

When it comes to saving the day, I believe my food processor is my best friend. If you checked our recipe for the Keto liver paté, then you already know the procedure. Add some butter, olive oil and mash it all into a smooth paste. You can do the same with any leftovers. In fact, you can mix vegetables, meat, even add some seeds and make a wonderful spread.

Then prepare some savoury waffles, Keto toast (if you happen to have Keto bread around) and your new meal will be stellar! Even if you are preparing something new on the next day, you can use this dip or paté as a condiment or a side dish.

Keto Liver Paté

Delicious twist 4 – Savoury muffins

If you check two of our most successful recipes for savoury muffins. You can check out our Zucchini and goat feta muffins or even our Prosciutto and feta version. With your leftovers, you will be able to come up with numerous healthy twists. Regardless of your previous day leftovers, you can just shop them and add them to the basic batter made with eggs, butter, sour cream, almond or coconut flour or maybe just some psyllium powder. This idea is also ideal for the trip or picnic. You can add sesame seeds on top and, of course, feta cheese! Nothing smells better than freshly baked muffins.


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