Fasted training

Fasted training – 4 activities that can serve as fat-burning techniques

Fasted training, especially if you decide to fast in the morning, offers you so many benefits. Once you get fat-adapted, you will not believe how much energy your own body provides. Many Ketonians struggle with the morning fast because they have been accustomed to having breakfast early in the morning. But breakfast, as the name says, breaks the fast. On Keto, we don’t want to break this beneficial state so quickly. It can help us shape our bodies, fix the insulin sensitivity, take care of the sugar addiction…

There are so many benefits of fasted training or any type of physical activity during the morning fast. However, not everybody is a fan of exercising in the gym or doing some sports. For this reason, we offer you a few ideas and tricks to make the morning fast even more beneficial.

If you are still struggling with your body fat percentage, try utilising the mighty morning fasted training. Now, not everybody has to go and run, exercise at the gym or do some crazy distances with the bicycle. There are some productive activities that can serve as real fasted training. At the same time, these activities work as mood boosters and can help you to fight depression or anxiety!

Why morning fasted training works better than evening fast?

When we just wake up, the worst thing we can do to our body is to raise our blood sugar and therefore trigger the insulin secretion. After at least 6-8 hours of sleeping, we are waking up in the state of ketosis. Furthermore, after a month of strict KMD, you will be well fat adapted. This means you will have mental clarity and a good level of energy in the morning. Start your day with your favourite herbal tea or natural spring mineral water. You can add a grain of citric acid, ice cubes or a splash of apple cider vinegar.

intermittent fasting beverages

At this point, nothing works better than coffee. If you are a coffee person, try having black, unsweetened Arabica coffee with a pinch of salt! This works as natural pre-workout potion even for real athletes and gym lovers. A great alternative would be a strong infusion of black tea. This will give you some antioxidants and set you up for your next activity.

Productive activities as morning fasted training

Now, it’s time to utilise your fat adaptation and mobilise those fat stores around your waist, belly, arms and hips… Regardless of your previous condition, you will find that this routine slowly builds up your stamina and the results will be visible within the first week. Naturally, you will decide which activity works best for you.

Fasted training

Here are 4 examples of fasted training activities that will work miracles in the morning

Move the furniture, rearrange things in the storage, try to lift heavier than usual

Naturally, you will start slowly and with objects that have less weight in the beginning. Listen to your body and do it carefully. In this link, you can learn the proper techniques to lift objects and build up your strength.

Now, this productive activity works also as mood booster. Think about it, clean home, clean the yard and fat burning! Once you fix all the rooms in your home, move to the yard, balcony, terrace, garage, or any other space that influences your living area.

fasted training

Clean the home while dancing to your favourite song – fasted training that is also fun

This activity which serves as fasted training is so versatile. One day you can clean all the windows, while on the other day you can make your bathroom shine. Vacuuming all spots, even ceiling activates upper body muscles! If you add some dance movements because you are listening to your favourite song, you will suddenly have your mood lifted up to the stratosphere! This works better than Zumba or aerobics because you will be very happy with the way your home looks and the way you’ll shape your body! But try to move fast and watch how you move to avoid injuries.

Fasted training

Taking long walks, hiking, kayaking swimming or roller skating

These activities are ideal fasted training because they take place outdoors! Nothing is better for us than activities in the open space! Now, if you are not able to perform some serious distances, you can just make small cycles around the block! Visiting a park or playing with kids could be another great fasted training. Think of your favourite outdoor activity which you used to do as a teenager! Each of us has a passion for something! Being a Ketonian is another reason to go back to your favourite fun activity!

Fasted training

Fasted activity if you work in the morning?

This should not be an excuse. First, if your job is not extremely far away, think about getting there by feet! Walking is an amazing fasted training. If you work in a building with more floors, always take the stairs. In case your job requires sitting at the desk, try to get up and walk around the office as often as you can. Then during the break, take a long walk before your first meal. Rearranging shelves and cabinets, cleaning or removing stuff at the workplace is also an active fasted training. Think of all the ways you can keep moving your body as you are working and fasting.

Fasted training

Fasted activities or fasted traning can and should be fun! You can think of your own ways, just try to fast in the morning and move your body a lot! You will see the results within the first week of your new fasting and moving protocol! Don’t forget, whatever you do, try to have fun and enjoy your Keto Mediterranean lifestyle.

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