Fasting For Lent

Fasting for lent – new Keto cookbook by Greek Goes Keto

Fasting for lent Keto cookbook is here! How exciting. You don’t have to be Greek or religious to enjoy this publication. It features finely tuned Keto recipes made with seafood, vegetables, seeds and nuts that are present in the Mediterranean zone. Unlike a classical fasting menu during Lent, this cookbook offers protein-rich meals that are also abundant in health-boosting micronutrients. Before you proceed and read our intro article where we explained why we assembled such a book, here’s the direct link where you can get your copy of the “Fasting for Lent” Keto cookbook.

A small historical overview

Throughout history, many nations have practised fasting for therapeutic and spiritual reasons. For example, Ancient Siberians, Chinese, Amerindians, Polynesians and Celts. In Greek culture, the way people fast today has changed from the way our ancestors fasted. Today Greeks abstain from red-blooded animal products, while the ancient Greeks abstained from all food and drank only water. 

Plato (427- 347BC), who was a disciple of Socrates, split medicine into ‘true’ and ‘false’. The ‘true’ included fasting, air and sun. But it was Hippocrates (460-357BC), the father of modern medicine, who elevated fasting out of the domain of philosophy. He made it into a medical must. He wrote:

“The addition of food should be much reduced until the force of the disease reaches its maturity. If the body is sick the more you feed it the more it will be harmed. When a patient is fed too richly, the disease is fed as well.” 

A few centuries later, the major religions also imposed annual fasts, such as fasting for Lent by Christians. During this period, the faithful deprive themselves of certain kinds of food. However, over the centuries, these fasts lost their value and evolved into Catholics abstaining from eating meat on Fridays while The Orthodox Greeks are not eating any red-blooded animal products (including eggs and dairy). Now, this is very restrictive and we can say it’s totally against the principles of the Keto Mediterranean diet. However, we were tempted to create healthy Keto meals with the allowed protein sources. We based the book around shellfish, octopus, calamari and some low-carb friendly fruits and vegetables.

Fasting for lent in Greece is specifically restrictive

Fasting for Lent is very popular among traditional Greek families. However, Keto and low-carb oriented people always face problems during this period. Not only in Greece, all over the world people of Christian origin tend to fast for lent. For this reason, we decided to assemble a Fasting for Lent cookbook. We believe this book of recipes will help anyone stay within Keto during Lent, and still prepare nourishing meals for them and their families. 

Fasting for Lent

Why is it important to stay on Keto during the fasting for Lent period?

If you are facing any type of health problems, our Fasting for Lent cookbook will be your best friend during the 40 days of Lent! Simply, eating low carbs and high protein is the best approach to healing. We made sure each meal includes the most necessary vitamins, minerals and macronutrients. In particular, we care for the primary nutrient (protein) that is usually low during religious fasting on standard diets. Therefore, all the recipes from this book are rich in protein and provide a good amount of fat. At the same time, the infamous carbs are very restricted! 

But it’s not only for Lent!

As you might already know, it’s not only 40 days of repentance and preparation for the joys of Easter. Christians fast on Fridays and Wednesdays throughout the year. Also, different holidays call for fasting for some days before the celebration. By following any of the recipes from this book, you will manage to prepare healthy meals during those days.

Fasting for Lent can be a powerful practice for a Christian, but it’s also significantly misunderstood and culturally challenging. Naturally, if you want to stay on the Ketogenic diet, you need to understand that your protein sources are limited. This is why this book gives you the healthiest experience of Fasting for Lent during your Keto or Low-Carb healing path!

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