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Five best lines when friends or family want you to break your Keto

Five best lines will be a fun article. It’s ideal for all situations when people want to attack your Ketonian status. We’ll go through all the typical situations when Non-Ketonians, out of lack of knowledge or sometimes out of envy, want to make you quit or at least break your Keto for a day! Well, we all have been in those situations. Sometimes even total strangers, such as waiters, give their best to make your Keto less Keto on certain days. But worry not, we have you covered here! ;)

1. Concerned family members

In most cases, these Non-Ketonians are caring about you. On the other hand, in rare cases, they have a bit of jealousy or disbelief that you got better without any magic pharmaceutical products. When I say better, I mean healthier, not only thinner. They will attack your Keto lifestyle during family gatherings and celebrations. This could be the biggest battle. Not only that they will pursuit to break your Keto at least for a day, but there will also be one million carby offerings on the table.

Family Together Christmas Celebration Concept

How to act:

Ideally, bring a Keto cake, bread or pastry. But make a really good one. If you type “cake” or “pie” in our search option, you will find more than 50 recipes here on Greek Goes Keto. For family gatherings, I recommend making Strawberry fields forever or Keto Chocolate cake: Then, when they try it, they most probably will stop trying to push the carby ones.

  • What to say: I’ll do the dishes and clean the table after lunch if you all agree to race me in the yard! :D :P

2. Friends accusing you of being a party breaker

Every Ketonian has been in this situation. Somehow they all think Keto food is not tasty or pleasurable before they try it. They will be persistent and try to make fun of your carb avoidance. However, you will most probably feel the best right after the meal, while they will be sinking in their chairs…

Having fun is one of the postulates of the KMD lifestyle

How to act:

Laugh with them, accept the jokes! Show them that your mental state is so healthy that you can’t even get offended. Stay cool, stay fun as every Ketonian is and suggest to play a game!

• What to say: I brought the glucose meter, let’s all measure our blood glucose half an hour after the meal, just out of fun! :P :D (They will drop the subject, right away)

3. When the Doc wants you to quit Keto

Many Ketonians have been in this situation and it’s the most serious one. Somehow we think we have to do what the doctor says or we will be punished by the great force of sickness. But they all are not following the latest research and evidence of healing properties our way of eating provides.

How to act:

Let the doctor speak, listen to him or her carefully and then respectfully offer them to read this book by Dr Ken Berry. Based on your location on this Earth, you can refer (and also contact) to a different Keto-friendly doctor you can find in this map.

Ken Berry

• What to say: I respect your opinion, but I believe it’s not in line with the latest research and evidence. Would you please consider working with me while I am on the Ketogenic diet, or do I need to search for another doctor?

Don’t be afraid to search for another doctor. In recent years, more and more doctors are understanding the healing powers of Low-Carb and Ketogenic diets so you will be able to find one that’ll be happy to monitor your progress and work on making you feel healthier!

4. When the Dietician wants to kill Keto

The vast majority of dieticians working in medical centres are the worst enemies of Keto! Let’s be honest, if everyone was doing some sort of Low-Carb approach to dieting, they would not even have any clients. The fact that people can heal and lose unhealthy fat and stay that way is something they never experienced with their 70-year old technique. They love recommending you to eat every 2 hours, and “50% calories from carbs” is their favourite line.

• What to say: Do you think it’s healthy to raise my blood glucose and therefore insulin every 2 hours?

In most cases they’ll try to tell you that’s perfectly healthy, this is the moment you decide to change the dietician, and you can find a good one in this list! Apollonas is listed there too!!!

5. When your partner keeps being not-supportive

Many couples are doing Keto together, and from our point of view – it’s the best thing you can do to your relationship. It straightens it in all segments, from your physical, sexual, emotional connection to your great new way of dealing with problems. But, many partners keep fighting their partner’s decision to go Keto and this can be really frustrating.

• How to act: You can try talking sense but nothing will work as the taste of delicious Keto or Low-Carb meals. If they keep insisting you stop Keto, you can always do the trick. Start making more delicious meals and treats and don'(t even say they are Keto. just offer them and watch them enjoy them. Try not talking about Keto at all, just have Keto and Low-Carb food in your home. In most cases, they will just start feeling better about it…

What to say: This is not Keto, this is just an old recipe I found in grandma’s notebook ;) :D

Your ultimate weapon

There are many other situations and things to say! You’ll be tempted to preach and prove you are right. But don’t waste your energy on that. Be the best example of a healthy Ketonian! Laugh, have fun, show how much more energy you have. Show how great you look now. If you lost a certain amount of fat, don’t be afraid to wear tighter things. Impress them with the best version of yourself, physically, emotionally and mentally. This will be your ultimate weapon!

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  1. Id show her dave feldman’s webpage so she understands theres a better working theory for cholesterol. It made my doctor come around anyway, but she was keto friendly and suggested it to me so embraces change. Im an RN so i fight their fire with fire.

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