The guilty Sugar-Free products

Why people like sugar-free products?

These days I am encountering a lot of people talking about sugar-free products. I came in touch with thousands of proclaimed keto people. The thing that grabbed my attention is how people are proud of the Keto diet. This thing made me believe that a lot of people are ready to change their lives. They adopted the Keto lifestyle.

As I said, I am seeing a lot of photos on Instagram, Twitter and other media. There are plenty of photos with groceries and shopping lists with a humongous number of products. I couldn’t believe what people are consuming. And they call it the ketogenic diet. The amount of sugar-free products they are fuelling themselves is unbelievable. That means two things: They don’t read the labels, or they are doing it intentionally.

I messaged several people about these products. They replied back that they don’t want to have a total healthy lifestyle even on Keto. Unfortunately, this is not Keto! – I replied. The sugar-free products were containing:

  • Hydrogenated soybeans (which by the way are the worst quality)
  • Aspartame
  • Acesulfame K
  • Modified Corn Starch
  • Sodium Nitrate
  • Maltodextrin
  • Dextrin
  • Sucralose

Scientific overview

Here is a study by the National Cancer Institute about artificial sweeteners. After reading this study, I don’t understand why people chose to fuel their bodies with poison? In my opinion, If you are not mentally ready for the next step in your life, it’s better to wait for the right moment. To eat my awesome Keto meal with Coca-Cola Zero or Pepsi Zero? This would be a totally wrong approach. Some things are simply bad for us.

Fashion diet

Nestle, for me, is the winner in the category of companies with most artificial and cancer friendly products! People keep buying their products blindly.

Sometimes I feel that all these diets are just a kind of fashion, a weapon to attract likes and attention. They are not what diets should really be. A powerful tool. People are attached with an umbilical cord to these products. Their first questions to nutritionists or trainers are if they can drink Powerade Zero, protein chips and other garbage. They are trapped and cannot escape this addiction which actually created the problem. For sure, excess fat, diabetes and cancer are the diseases of the 21st century.

Being strict

I’ve been told many times that I am very strict about nutrition. Just think this for a moment. If you are putting the lowest quality of gasoline into your car, it will break down at some point, right? The same will happen to your body. Fuelling with chemistry and foreign substances will result in bad consequences. These products are 5% natural and 95% artificial chemistry. It is insane to even to think about consuming them.

The key is to focus and have a plan. The plan always means that you have a strategy, and strategy wins wars. Prefer to eat organic always. Try to buy from local farms. It might be a little bit difficult, yet, you can make the right choices! Try to avoid fuelling with “one-night stand” products that will lead you to regret and guilt.

Remember, victory loves prudence!

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  1. Apollona, my words and my thoughts exactly. Seeing people on social media going keto and drinking soda and buying packaged stuff (even if low carb) is still a processed stuff. This is i am horrified while seeing the pictures of what they eat / drink. That is why I feel blessed to live in Greece -you have (most of the times) access to local farmers, even in supermarkets you always find local fresh vegetables to choose from. Well said Apollona! Don’t eat “one night stands” – eat real food! a bit of cooking only needed when buying fresh and high quality produces. Reading your posts…

    1. Thank you for your wonderful comment, Jana. I guess we will have to teach the world about Greek lifestyle. Even when we talk about keto lifestyle.

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