Happy Holidays Ketonians! 4 distinctive types of Keto people – Where do you belong?

Happy holidays Ketonians! In this article, a day after Christmas day, as the celebration continues throughout the week to the New Year’s day, I wanted to cover a subject that is wondering throughout my mind these days.

What kid of a Ketonian are you?

Did you cheat totally or just a bit? What is your opinion on happy holidays or do you call them healthy holidays? What’s the social effect of surviving the happy holidays for the Ketonians?

Well, we need to think about this if we are still on the healing path. On the other side, if you are on Keto Mediterranean diet for more than 2 years, you are already perfectly fit and healthy! If you did not cheat, did not play around industrial food and stuck to the three postulates of KMD – you are feeling and looking just perfect.

Is Keto sustainable

The 4 types of Ketonians

I love this number! It’s even, it gives enough space to clarify some behaviours and preferences. It also carries the power of 4 elements on our planet! Yes, we are different. Nothing in this universe is singular, there’s always some polarity, duality, or polymorphism. And it’s good that way!

We can always compare and choose, make right and wrong decisions and go back to the right path.

When I say the right path, I actually mean a healthy path. You need to have your health as the primary goal because all other things have a price – your health does not!

So, let’s see, from Greek Goes Keto point of view, what kind of a Ketonaian are you?

Ketonian type 1 – Zealot or Spartan

Breaking the comfort zone

Most members of this group are carnivores and they spent their Christmas or any other celebration by eating delicious roast or grilled seafood. Some of them are true Keto believers and they added an avocado salad or some side dish made of roasted vegetables.

They did not care much about what will friends or family say at the table. They prepared their meals and enjoyed the holidays without even a sip of alcohol. They got up early and stayed up the longest. They had all the energy and power and did not even blink on Christmas stress or blues.

They keep thinking of their physique, mental clarity, health and energy levels. Their new superpowers are much more important than socialising and the spirit of gathering for celebrations! They most probably look the best of all of us, but deep inside they want a bite of keto chocolate! 😉

Ketonian type 2 – Keto foodie

Edible Keto candles

Happy holidays Keto foodies! Here I am, right beside you, deep within your group! These people will “ketonise” everything. And when I say everything I mean everything. From soup, starters, salads, several main courses, and 10 different Keto desserts. There will be a Keto pastry, bread and Keto eggnog, hot chocolate and even the detox beverage. All will be Keto and delicious!

There will not be that many carbs, but the fat will be everywhere. Of course, things will be tastier than the food from the “carby” world. Most of the family members/visitors will end up enjoying Keto meals without knowing it. 😉

The downfall of this Ketonian approach is that we prepare too much food so that overeating is inevitable. But hey, it’s once per year, we need to show off our skills and gourmet ideas. Even though everything is Keto, some might gain a kilo or two with this approach 😉

Ketonian type 3 – Relaxed Low-carber

Flourless Keto bread

Happy holidays to these Ketonians is all about family. They want to make everyone happy but they don’t want to overeat carbs. So they will make some trips into the “carby” world with the portion control. Or they will agree to make a dish or two that is loaded with unhealthy carbs, starches and industrial additives, just to make some other people happy.

Deep inside they are comforting themselves that nothing bad can happen! They know how to treat themselves afterwards. Some serious fasting and other sacrifices will happen on the next day.

However, these Ketonians are playing on the edge. If they drink a glass or two of alcohol, they’ll have some unwanted symptoms that will last for days after the celebrations. This approach is annulling all that Keto has done for you in a single day!

Ketonian type 4 – Turbo cheater

Age is just a number

Here comes the hedonist! Regardless of their previous Keto status, they will eat all the poison that’s offered without even blinking. In most cases, these Ketonians are not cooking for the holidays. They are feasting on other’s creations. They will cheat in every direction and on all levels. 😉 They will get waisted and eat all the cookies, followed by whatever carboholics consider desirable.

Will there be consequences? Well, think about it! Of course, they will have the longest hangover and most probably effects of sudden carb + fat loading which often attacks the digestive system with unpleasant symptoms that usually occurs where the King goes alone. 😀 But there’s always a cure if you come back from the dark side! Sage and thyme tea, fasting and going straight back to KMD will be more than desirable!

Somewhere in between happy holidays

Chances are that you can find yourself somewhere in between these 4 types. Maybe you will start your day as a brave Spartan, then go visit a Keto Foodie friend and start enjoying desserts with nut-based flour, while by the end of the day you’ll be cheating your gluteus off with loads of alcohol and sugary treats. Whatever was or will be your path, just remember – nothing heals better than KMD!

Three KMD postulates

  1. Natural, healthy, fresh ingredients…
  2. Homemade, slow cooking, patience…
  3. Fun, laughter, comedy and enjoyment of sunshine and life…

Basically, it’s crucial to use fresh, organic and unprocessed ingredients as often as possible. Sourcing such ingredients can be expensive in the modern world, but it should not be! If you source some farms, farmer’s markets or places where you can fish or even hunt where’s allowed, (why not, it’s our primal heritage) your body will show the best results. Furthermore, if you do some research, you will be able to find places with discounts and bulk-sales that will make your life much easier. You can read more about Keto on a budget in this article.

Greek salad
Greek salad

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