Healing with Keto

Healing with Keto Mediterranean Diet and lifestyle

Healing with Keto Mediterranean protocol is a task for the patient and stubborn! But does it work? You might say this is anecdotal, but whenever we hear another story about KMD helping to regain health or reverse symptoms of various conditions, we get inspired to talk about this almost miraculous lifestyle!

healing with Keto

Doing Keto just for weight loss is wrong

Gaining weight is the consequence of a bad lifestyle and nutrition followed by some other factors. If we have been living an unhealthy lifestyle for some period of time, the first thing we notice is our body fat!

For example, gaining weight in muscle mass would not be a problem at all. However, water retention, excess body fat and general lack of energy for daily tasks is a sign you need to heal. This condition is just a symptom of something else going on in your system. Why would you store excess fat if your body was functioning perfectly?

No such thing as healthy overweight person

Not being able to keep your blood glucose in order results in loads of insulin. If you have more than 20% or 25% of fat, this means you are secreting insulin too often. This can grow to a very unhealthy level quite quickly! Obesity and all sorts of metabolic syndromes could be one of the biggest health issue for humans today!

Obesity, metabolic syndrome and type-2 diabetes mellitus are three interrelated conditions that share a number of pathophysiological mechanisms and that are frequently observed to lead, in succession, to cardiovascular complications. 

Eduardo Alegría Ezquerra, José M Castellano Vázquez, Ana Alegría Barrero
Departamento de Cardiología, Clínica Universitaria de Navarra, Pamplona, Navarra, Spain

Naturally, a combination of other hormones plays a roll here. Furthermore, there’s the factor of stress. But in general, what plays the main role in storing fat is the amount of insulin we have in our bloodstream daily!

To understand that we need to heal is the first step towards better feeling and slimmer looking. This is why Keto Mediterranean Diet is a healing protocol that takes care of your whole existence: Healthy body, healthy mind as the ancients used to say!

Healing with Keto Mediterranean lifestyle -understanding the need for healing

healing with Keto

A healthy overweight or healthy obese person is an oxymoron. But if you are doing Keto just for weight loss, you might as well get unhealthier! Various approaches to Ketogenic diet have resulted in many disappointments, nutrient deficiencies, yo-yo effects, hair loss, muscle mass loss and even hypoglycaemia.

Going from high-carb, standard diet to Keto is a process that requires patience, adaptation and loads of precious micronutrients. Obsessively counting macros can’t work long term. We created the Keto Mediterranean Diet and lifestyle with these things in mind! We want to get healthier and weight-loss is just one factor that comes as a reward after you heal you whole body and mind!

To understand better what we mean by healing with Keto Mediterranean, let’s see three basic protocols you can apply in your quest to heal!

Healing with Keto Mediterranean – protocol 1 (Heal your gut)

Heal your gastro-intestinal system, your guts and your immunity! This has to be the first task! Regardless of your condition, everything starts with the proper utilisation of nutrients! If your system is unable to process or absorb micronutrients, deficiencies will occur. This is why it’s crucial to eat anti-inflammatory foods, organic and clean ingredients and to cook at home from scratch!

To understand that your guts need healing is more important than satisfying your taste buds. This is why industrial sweeteners, Keto flours, (yes even coconut flour) nuts, and cow’s dairy have to be forgotten for a good period of time!

By switching to fermented goat and sheep dairy in small amounts, eating easy to digest protein, slow cooked meat and fish, daily bone-broth and homemade grass-fed gelatine jello you will already work on replenishing your gut microflora! Let’s not forget our pickled quail eggs, they could be the ultimate remedy for your guts!

Healing with Keto Mediterranean – protocol 2 (Fix your deficiencies)

Healing with Keto Mediterranean means fixing micronutrient deficiencies naturally, without supplements! We have been living for years without a single supplement and have never felt better. Same goes for all people switching to KMD! Once you take care of the process of sourcing, preparing and enjoying food, you will notice benefits and healing properties of this diet!

Healing with Keto

If you are aware of your deficiency, all you need to do is find the best foods and combination of nutrients and have them on daily basis! As your gastro-intestinal system is healing, your ability to absorb nutrients will drastically improve.

Healing with Keto Mediterranean – protocol 3 (Stay Ketonised)

This might sound familiar if you are watching our LIVE videos every Sunday on Facebook. Yes, it’s our slogan and it’s something that represents Greek Goes Keto life philosophy. To be Ketonised doesn’t mean you’ll obsessively chase your ketosis. It means you will keep your daily carb intake very low at all time. You will follow the three KMD postulates whenever possible and stay positive.

Three postulates of Keto Mediterranean diet (Lifestyle)

Healing with Keto

Natural, healthy, fresh ingredients…

Homemade food, slow cooking, patience…

Fun, laughter, comedy, enjoyment of sunshine and life…

This will ensure perfect feeling, health and appearance. With these three important changes, self esteem will grow and you will be rewarded on all aspects of life. Especially when it comes to your social life and family! You will be able to help others only when you take care of yourself to the full potential!

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