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Intermittent fasting beverages – 7 delicious flavours that will lift your spirit and not break the fast

Intermittent fasting beverages sound quite boring if you just say herbal tea, unsweetened black coffee and water! Does Keto Mediterranean lifestyle have to be that restrictive during these health-beneficial hours?

We all know that we have to teach ourselves to get rid of sugar and milk cravings in your morning coffee rituals, but there’s still some space for enjoyment there. Flavours of the herbs, black coffee prepared differently, adding some ice during the warm days… everything can look and taste better!

Morning fasting, teaching your body to burn fat

Keto Mediterranean dishes bring so much flavour and passion during your feeding window, that most of the Ketonians don’t even think about missing anything! However, the fasting period, which is the best way to make your KMD work for you can be difficult. Especially if you are not accustomed to black unsweetened coffee or tea.

As time passes, you will notice that your taste buds are starting to detect all the real flavours of herbs and coffee. Intermittent fasting will actually cleanse your taste buds and you will find a whole new world of aromas and flavours withing the fasting-friendly ingredients.

Intermittent fasting beverages and psychological impact

If you serve yourself something that looks nice, something that you prepared with passion and dedication, you will start looking forward to waking up the next morning and trying out new ideas for intermittent fasting beverages.

Everybody is capable of enduring the fasting period with a glass of water and a grain of salt. But the problem is in the drastic difference between our previous lifestyle and new healing path. Now that you decided to utilise the beneficial ketosis and intermittent fasting, it’s time to hack the psychological impact of fasting restrictions. Intermittent fasting beverages can and should be fun!

Let’s see some of the best ideas for intermittent fasting beverages Greek Goes Keto has for you

Idea #1 – Almighty Freddo espresso

Freddo Espresso, Greek type of iced coffee that is ideal for intermittent fasting

Freddo Espresso is something everyone remembers from their trip to Greece. now, this is not instant coffee frapé, this is a genuine espresso with ice. The reason it has this wonderful foam is the powerful cappuccino mixer that every Greek has at home. You can get such a mixer from any online store, and regardless of your location, if the days are getting warmer, enjoy Freddo espresso during the fasting hours. The texture and flavour are very mild and makes a great waking up beverage!

Idea #2 – The sweetest unsweetened coffee – cold brewed

Cold brewed coffee, ideal intermittent fasting beverage during the warm months

Are you having troubles with unsweetened black coffee as your intermittent fasting beverage? We already wrote about light roast and arabica variety that is naturally less bitter! But if you still have trouble to enjoy unsweetened black coffee, this preparation method will change everything.

Just mix finely ground light roast arabica with some room temperature water and leave it sealed overnight. Tomorrow, mix it well, you can even blend it a bit in a blender, strain through the coffee filter and enjoy iced or just at room temperature. If you would like it warm, you can warm it up just a bit, don’t let it boil. This way you will also get more antioxidants from your delicious new coffee!

Idea #3 – favourable and colourful Rooibos tea

For ideal intermittent fasting beverage, make a strong infusion of Rooibos tea and serve it iced

This tea is also known as red tea or red bush tea and it’s enjoyed in South Africa for centuries. it has numerous antioxidants but has no caffeine. This makes it ideal for people who can’t digest caffein and want to stay away from it. It’s equally delicious hot or iced and it will change your morning intermittent fasting ritual and bring it to a new level!

Traditional rooibos tea is produced by fermenting the red bush leaves. This procedure turns them a red-brown colour. Green rooibos, which is not fermented, is also available and features more antioxidants.

Idea #4 – Make it colourful with butterfly pea tea

Intermittent fasting beverages
During the fasting hours, you don’t need to add lemon to the tea, but a grain of citric acid is not going to break the fast

Who said intermittent fasting beverages have to be boringly ordinary! We already wrote about this alien-looking tea that actually offers some interesting antioxidant content. Of course, during the fasting hours you can’t add lemon to it, but you can add a grain or two of citric acid which will not break the fast! This tea is widely available through many online stores and you can order it and then play with it during the fasting or feeding hours!

Idea #5 – That seductive aroma of jasmine tea

Jasmine tea is a rich source of polyphenols and other antioxidants. The flavour and aroma is incomparable to anything, except maybe orange blossom smell.

Because jasmine tea is usually made from the base of green tea leaves, it has the power to give you the same health advantages that you would receive from drinking green tea. however, jasmine tea gives the beautiful aroma and flavour that makes this tea ideal for those who are still fighting with sugar addiction. Ideally, you will enjoy it hot, but it has a mild and refreshing flavour if you serve it cold.

Idea #6 – Red as berries, but not a fruit tea – hibiscus

A great positive effect of hibiscus tea on liver health has been studied. These studies have shown that hibiscus can aid liver health!

Hibiscus is a wonderful flower that usually comes in tea blends as natural colouring agent. Bit on its own, it possess numerous antioxidants and benefits! It has a tart flavour, similar to cranberries but it’s still a herbal tea and therefore totally fasting-friendly!

Some of the scientific researches showed that hibiscus helps in reducing blood pressure and fight free radicals. It has a very interesting colour and flavour and you can enjoy it equally as hot or iced tea.

Idea #7 – Your own herbal blend tea

Make your own herbal blend and explore the world of flavour withing fasting hours

Once you start exploring the world of herbal teas you will find yourself on an interesting journey. You will notice how different herbs make you feel better in different ways. This is why you can start making your own herbal mix and enjoy it to the fullest potential.

My “secret” intermittent fasting beverage – a personal herbal blend

Yarrow is also known as the powerful herb of Achilles, the most famous Greek Hero of all times. Its Latin name is Achillea millefolium. Yarrow tea can help with stomach cramps and infections, as well as asthma and liver conditions.

My personal favourite is the combination of yarrow, nettle and hibiscus. This is a herbal tea that tastes like, prepare yourself – pear! It has that refreshing aroma and flavour but has no sugar or fructose. Of course, you can play around sage, thyme, peppermint, camomile, fennel or anise. All these herbs will give different flavour and different health benefits. Your intermittent fasting beverage can be different each day.

Freshly prepared nettle tea will surprise you in flavour and health benefits. Try including it to your fasting ritual and see the benefits of it quite soon!

Make this morning fasting ritual into your passion. Serve yourself or your fasting partner a different tea or coffee each morning and you will soon start enjoying the fasting period more than anyone!

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