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Is Keto sustainable? 5 powerful reasons to say YES!

Is Keto sustainable for people around the globe while we live in the internet era? In today’s world, information is easily accessible for anybody who wants to learn more! How many times have you heard Keto-haters say this way of eating is not sustainable? On the other side, how many times people stopped Keto and their health issues together with the unwanted weight came back? These are the facts that exist and we need to talk about them openly! We cannot ignore the anti-Keto campaigns and we cannot ignore the great experience we share with so many Ketonians.

We know, Keto is the best way to live a happy, healthy and long life. However, some Ketonians need a push in the right direction to accept it for life! Keto is sustainable, with just a bit of modification and adjustments, it’s also enjoyable for years! It really cannot be boring or monotonous!

1. Is Keto sustainable in the long term?

After 3 years of Ketogenic and Low-Carb lifestyle, (with episodes of pure Carnivore dieting), I can say that it’s more than sustainable!

My personal reason lays in the fact that I live by the motto “Everything can be Ketonised!”

But it’s not only that! It’s the healthiest Keto called the KMD! Yes, by incorporating the Mediterranean lifestyle with the Low-Carb and Ketogenic approach to meal preparation, I can say as a foodie, I am more than happy with my diet! No, I don’t miss anything, when I do, I simply make a Keto version of it!

In short, Is Keto sustainable for the long term? Yes, especially if you are a foodie and you love to prepare treats for the whole family at home.

2. Is Keto sustainable to maintain weight after the weight loss?

Some Ketonians reached their ideal weight right after their body healed properly. Let’s remember, to achieve a healthy weight loss, you first have to let your body heal from all the inflammation, allergies and other metabolic processes such as insulin resistance or autoimmune reaction.

Starting Keto just for weight loss is the biggest mistake many people do!

After the weight loss, some will try to go to the standard carby diet loaded with industrial products. They will soon realise that Keto was a much healthier way of living! But there are those who never want to go back to the unhealthy path! To prevent further unwanted weight-loss, they just switch to low-carb or add more fat and protein to their Ketogenic diet. This is especially crucial for people who do Keto for neurological conditions.

In short, Is Keto sustainable for maintenance? Yes, and it can be modified in different ways. If you are not sure how to do it, you can contact a Keto oriented nutritionist or health care specialist and get educated about healthy weight maintenance on the Keto diet.

3. Is Keto sustainable for kids with epilepsy and other neuro-issues?

We already published an article about Keto for children. Some parents decided to go totally Keto and free of medication. On the other hand, for some conditions, a low-carb approach is good enough to maintain children’s health and healthy weight. It all depends on the reason you decided to consider Keto for kids. Yes, it’s safe and it was originally accepted by the official medicine for treating or controlling children’s epilepsy.

You can, of course, consult your doctor and take care of your child’s nutrition on a daily basis. However, in the carby world, there might be situations where your child will be tempted and offered foods that are not good for them. For this reason, you have to turn yourself into a foodie and prepare all sorts of treats at home. Here on Greek Goes Keto, we have more than 200 recipes, many of them are adored by children! Let’s not forget, Monk fruit is the only sweetener that’s totally safe for children.

In short, Is Keto sustainable for children? Yes, and it can be performed differently with the agreement of your doctor. If you would like to try the Low-Carb approach to help a certain autoimmune condition or obesity, with the consent of your child’s paediatrician, you can achieve great results!

4. Is Keto sustainable for people that often travel?

If you think about Ketonians, especially KMD, you will understand that the ability to adjust to new situations is always present. I spoke to so many Ketonians who are doing Keto for more than 2 years and many of them often travel for work or family reasons. They simply learned how to do Keto on the go.

Is Keto sustainable

It’s difficult to perform 100% clean Keto in restaurants, but if you supply yourself with healthy ingredients, such as quail eggs, goat butter, smoked dried meat and fish, you will be able to assemble a healthy meal on the go. Even if you dine out, you will learn that grilled meat or fish is your friend!

In short, Is Keto sustainable for people who travel a lot? Yes, especially if they learn to prepare meals on the go. Furthermore, learning to order food in restaurants or even on the aeroplane can be tricky but doable!

5. Is Keto sustainable on a low budget?

Some people think Keto is the most expensive diet you can choose. However, it really doesn’t have to be expensive. First of all, there are no snacks and seven meals a day. If you organise your day to have 2 great and nutritious meals, you will soon realise that it’s more than sustainable.

Is Keto sustainable

By applying one of the KMD postulates, buying fresh ingredients from butchers, farmers markets or small farms, you will realise that your wallet will not suffer. You can also consider growing your own food, or maybe having hens, quails or other animals if you live in a rural area. There are always ways to do Keto on a budget. We covered it in this article, and we will be writing more about it!

In general, is Keto sustainable long term? Greek Goes Keto says Yes, and 5 times Yes!!! If you are a Ketonian, then you already know what we are talking about. But if you are new, join us evewry Wednesday, Friday and Sunday in our Live videos on similar subjects on our Youtube channel!

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