Isolation, Quaranteen, Coronavirus, fear – How Greek Goes Keto can help?

Isolation is one of the most difficult challenges human psychology has to endure. It has been used as the scariest punishment measure in jails around the globe for centuries. However, we are living in a dystopian movie scenario called Coronavirus pandemic and we need to find a way to stay mentally healthy!

Quarantine, fear of illness, isolation and self-isolation, stories about symptoms and all the “weird” people sharing the worst predictions, will deteriorate any psychological state. You might live in a country where it’s still ok to go out in a park, but if you are following the recommendations, chances are you will be spending most of your time at home for more than just a week!

How will isolation and Coronavirus affect your Keto Mediterranean lifestyle?

Did you see videos of Italians and Spanish people on their balconies, singing, dancing, applauding? That’s the third postulate of KMD in an emergency! maybe not ideal, but definitely following our postulates:

  1. Natural, healthy, fresh ingredients…
  2. Homemade food, slow cooking, patience…
  3. Fun, laughter, comedy, enjoyment of sunshine and life…

They might not be Ketonians, but they are the Mediterraneans. So, step out to your balcony or terrace and together with us, go through the best quick fixes and recipes that will make you feel better, healthier, and give you that isolation remedy that we all need! Let’s start with the spiritual and emotional uplifting!

Ketonians are already eating and living healthier

Keeping our blood glucose and metabolic health in order was something we successfully kept doing long before the isolation and quarantines started. So, why would we the Ketonians stop doing it now? Not only that it will give us the feeling we have something under control, but it will also make us positively motivated.

Remember where you’ve been and where you are now. As you are watching people in the third-level state of panic buying wheat flour, vegetable oil and sugar, tons of toilet paper and hand sanitisers… Just remember, as, in normal times, you need eggs, meat, fish and goat/sheep dairy these days. Of course, washing your hands and cleaning your home was always your priority so we don’t even have to point this out!

How to fight anxiety during the isolation – naturally, the KMD style?

We wrote an informative article on this subject. Yes, it would be much better to stock up some medicinal herbs, but if you’ve been living the KMD lifestyle your kitchen already is equipped. If not, online purchase is still working. maybe the delivery is a bit slower, but still – you can get anything we ever promoted as health-boosting natural remedy via the internet. In this article, you can read more about treating anxiety and panic with herbs and natural KMD remedies.

Fortifying your respiratory system – Coronavirus attacks the lungs

Nothing will work better than clean KMD! This means you will be consuming anti-inflammatory foods, such as quail eggs, goat dairy and omega-3 rich meat and fish. Animal fat is more compatible with our cells and you can test it on your skin. Place a small amount of tallow on your skin, rub it and watch what happens. Then place any plant-based oil. You will see that your skin will literally drink tallow faster than the plant-based oil! For this reason, our Ancient cough remedy features goat milk and tallow!

Cold-pressed cod liver oil for immunity force

I cannot write enough good things about this health-boosting oil! I know that many Ketonians complain about the taste. However, if your immune system could talk to you, it would beg you to consume it more often! Furthermore, nothing is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids as fish oil! They are essential for the proper functioning of the heart and brain. If you can not stand the taste of fish oil in raw form, a right combination of other healthy ingredients will serve as a mask. For an optimal health boost, consider taking it daily!

Why do we keep pushing Goat milk products?

Goat milk products might be the healthiest dairy available to humans today. In fact, goat milk is one of the healthiest foods and it’s 100% keto-friendly. Its composition has the most similarity to human mother’s milk. Obviously, ancient people knew about it’s healing properties. They consumed it to strengthen immunity, treat the lungs and tuberculosis. Goat milk is a perfect ally in the fight against stress, bronchitis, and allergies. Also, it reduces the risk of lung cancer and can be taken by diabetics!

Vitamin C and Vitamin Sea (buckthorn)

Yes, the isolation during the coronavirus days by the sea would be ideal. But not everybody lives next to the sea these days. Remember, iodine from sea salt could be a great way to make everything taste better while keeping your health protected! So, instead of buying sugar, people would be much better if they bought enough of sea salt!

Increasing iodine in your everyday nutrition is one of the right paths, not only for the body but for keeping the spirit up!

And just like vitamin sea, the famous vitamin C is even more welcome during these isolation days and Coronavirus dystopian story! Do you remember which KMD star-ingredient has the most vitamin C per 30g? You’ve guessed it correctly, sea buckthorn!!! Also available through many online stores! If it’s not available in your location, good old Rosehip will be more than a suitable substitute!

Vitamin C can help prevent respiratory infections and treat established infections. In that case, patients need to take higher doses. This supports emerging data that appears to show considerable success with high-dose intravenous Vitamin C in treating coronavirus

Dr Malcom Kendrick

Olive leaves, oil and goddess Athena

We have been talking about the healthy benefits of Extra virgin olive oil on so many occasions. But, did you know, olive leaves have been used for centuries for treating various viral conditions! In this study, The Anti-influenza Virus Activity of Hydroalcoholic Extract of Olive Leaves the findings indicated that antiviral activity of OLHE prevents the virus from attaching and penetrating the cell line!

This means that it’s a perfect time to order some dried olive leaves online, and keep consuming the mighty extra virgin olive oil daily! The tea of olive leaves is bitter, but remember Hippokrates said that all medicine is either bitter or sour! If you read the two ancient Greek myths about the olive tree and Goat milk, you might understand it even better!

By Staying Ketonised to the full potential, staying connected with the positive people, and maybe watching our LIVE videos every Sunday at 18:oo Central European Time – You will fill better during the isolation both mentally and physically!

Apollonas & Roberta

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