Keto chocolate Eggnog

Keto chocolate Eggnog – The number 1 anti-inflammatory winter treat

Keto chocolate Eggnog anyone? Yes, why not when it can be the most nutritious and delicious treat. But can we make it 100% Keto, or better say, can we make it KMD? Does this mean our Keto chocolate Eggnog can be anti-inflammatory? Of course, all KMD ingredients work synergistically to reduce inflammation and provide real nutrients!

Original eggnog contains milk, but isn’t cow’s milk inflammatory?

Oh trust me, yes it is! Except if you happen to have A2-casein type cow (as rare as gems) and you can milk your own fresh milk. 😉 Or maybe you happen to live next to the farm and you are supplying your self each morning. Ahh, the utopian world!

Enough of joking, we know that on our Keto Mediterranean approach we give emphasis to goat and sheep’s milk products. Well, you could make a Keto eggnog by just using goat or cheep’s cream instead of cow’s milk. Of course, you will not be using sugar and nobody will get harmed from a tablespoon or two of rum.

We just love the healing and nutritious powers of quail eggs. So, why don’t we make a treat that will taste better than any hot chocolate, and creamier than any Christmas Eggnog? Keto Eggnog meets hot chocolate! Their baby as sweet as Baby Yoda! 😉

Mmmm, tasty chocolate eggnog is, Keto with you be!

The anti-inflammatory properties of our Keto Chocolate Eggnog

Let’s start making this Keto chocolate eggnog with goat butter. It’s the healthier butter you can treat yourself with. Due to almost non-existant lactose, goat butter is much easier to digest, while the vitamins and minerals come in high density. Not to mention, you’ll not have the bad A-1 casein to worry about!

Then let’s see why are we taking quail eggs here? well, if you can’t find them, you can just use yolks of pasture-raised hen eggs, but you will be missing many of the healing properties and nutrients. When compared to hen eggs, quail eggs are richer in iron, B12, and folate! Also, they are higher in protein and phosphorus.

The ratio of yolk to egg white in quail egg is higher, so you will end up with more fat and more awesome nutrients. They also have fewer carbs. You can read more about the advantages of quail eggs in this article.

How much goat milk is it ok to take on Keto?

Well, it depends on your stage! If you are still healing and still trying to lose weight, then the 4g net carbs in 100ml of full-fat organic goat milk might be more than enough. But if you are in the phase when you are just enjoying the benefits of the Keto Mediterranean diet and you have lost all the excess fat, you can easily enjoy a full cup (200 ml) and not worry about that 8g of carbs you’ll take…

How about cacao and cinnamon in our Keto chocolate eggnog?

Keto Chocolate Eggnog

Nothing tastes better than hot chocolate with cinnamon. Knowing this I just wanted to turn my healthy eggnog into this chocolate version. To my surprise, it turned out more tasty than I expected! I don’t know is it the creaminess of quail eggs and goat butter, or is it the mighty combination of organic cacao powder and Ceylon cinnamon.

Ideas to tweak it? well, you can use star anise or cloves for a different flavor or beautiful decoration!

Both of these ingredients do pack some great vitamins and minerals. But we should not forget the antioxidants. If you want to make it into a real nutrient bomb, opt for raw cacao powder and enjoy it with the pride of a true Ketonian. Let’s just see the recipe, and I am sure you will thank me later 😉

Keto Chocolate Eggnog

Keto Chocolate Eggnog

Recipe by Roberta Kapsalis
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  • 4 quail eggs (or 2 yolks of large hen eggs)

  • 20g (0.7 oz) goat butter (use ghee or coconut oil if you can’t find goat butter)

  • 1 tbsp stevia or monk fruit blend sweetener

  • 100 ml (3,4 fl oz) full-fat goat milk

  • 100 ml (3,4 fl oz) water

  • 1 tbsp organic dark or raw cacao

  • 1 stick cinnamon (use powdered Ceylon cinnamon instead)


  • Gently crack the quail egg shell with a small sharp knife and place them in a deep cup or mug.
  • Pour milk and water in a saucepan and add goat butter. Start heating while stiring with a whisk.
  • Add cacao to the milk and butter and stir. When it boils remove from heat.
  • Using a small mixer for cappuccino, beat the eggs in a cup untill they create nice foam. Start pouring hot milk and butter mixture. Mix a bit more.
  • Sprinkle some cinnamon on top or add a stick of cinnamon. Serve while still hot!


  • You can use sheep’s or buffalo butter but they are quite intensive in flavour. Use more spices if you decide to use shep or buffalo butter.

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