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Keto coffee for fasting and feeding windows – 2 refreshing ideas for warmer days

Keto coffee is not a cup of instant/filtered coffee loaded with heavy whipping cream, butter, MCT oil or – universe forbid – any protein powder! No, that’s the over-popularised modern version. Unfortunately, this trend has been created by coffee shops in big cities. The trend was aimed for people who don’t have the time to enjoy the ritual of coffee preparation.

Here’s what Greek Goes Keto thinks about this

Keto coffee is the kind of beverage that should work for you! It needs to wake you up, give you energy, inspiration. Ideally, this coffee doesn’t break the fast – if drank in the morning!!!

Making Keto coffee at home – more fun than you thought

Many Ketonians make a huge mistake in their quest to substitute breakfast with coffee. When you add butter, cream or any other fat to your morning coffee, not only that you break the beneficial fast, but you also stop the natural process of fat adaptation. Therefore, you will reduce the fat burning and waist-line shrinking.

To help you with this, we’ll introduce you to an attractive and refreshing way to consume coffee in the morning. Also, we’ll present you an idea for Keto treat later in the day when the feeding window has started.

Utilising Keto coffee for fat burning – only black and unsweetened will work!

Warmer days are slowly taking over the northern hemisphere. The whole planet starts paying more attention to iced coffee. Yes, it’s refreshing and it’s practical. Let’s not forget, if you prepare it cold-brewed, you will lift up the benefits of antioxidants to a healthier level. At the same time, you will drastically reduce the bitterness that usually comes with hot preparation methods.

So, why don’t we utilise this to work for us? Especially if we are on a fat-loss quest! Summer is just around the corner, beaches will open, you will want a flatter belly, less fat around the waist and bottom – right?

Well, we want less body fat at any time and from inside out. We know that body fat can cause serious health problems. Isn’t this worst than just caring for the aesthetics? To achieve that, we’ll have to quit cream and other whiteners and learn to enjoy the black unsweetened coffee in the morning!

This specific method will make you fall in love with coffee preparation

You will start by making a couple of espresso shots or some cold-brewed coffee. You can also prepare a classical Greek coffee and let it cool down. Don’t forget, ideal results can be achieved only with 100% Arabica! Furthermore, always try to find the light to medium roast.

When the coffee cools down, pour it in ice trays and freeze it. Ideally, you will do this in the evening so that it’s ready for you in the morning! When your morning starts, the first thing you want in your body is a glass of mineral water. You can also drink still water with a grain or two of sea salt. This will work as a suppressant of cream and milk craving for many people who can’t start their day without a late-kind of coffee.

Ice dilutes coffee – so let your coffee be your ice

Then prepare a small shot or a small cup of coffee the way you like. Pour it in a tall glass, add 6-7 cubes of previously frozen coffee and start the magic. Using an electric coffee frother, create a foamy and creamy “Freddo” espresso or just “Frio” – as it is called when made with Greek coffee.

This method drastically reduces the bitterness and gives a creamy feeling. This is possible due to whipping naturally present oils from coffee with water! Once you start doing this in the morning you will extend your fasting period! By doing this, you will notice an extreme improvement in fat burning and fat adaptation!

Keto coffee instead of dessert?

Oh, yes, it can be utilised as a dessert replacement! Especially if you want to reduce the time you are consuming sweetener and Keto-friendly flours. Things are simple. If you have Keto dessert only once per month, you will have ideal results in both health and fat-loss!

However, on a daily basis, you can treat yourself with this type of Keto coffee. Give it a go and stay impressed with the flavour, texture and feeling it gives. There’s nog guilt here! You will not be adding any flours, nuts or anti-nutrients. So let’s get to work ;)

Keto coffee with frozen coffee cubes – almost like drinking ice cream

Keto coffee with frozen coffee cubes

Keto coffee with frozen coffee cubes

Recipe by Roberta Kapsalis
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Prep time


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  • 100 ml (3,3 fl oz) goat or sheep milk or coconut milk

  • 10 cubes frozen coffee

  • 2 drops liquid stevia or monk fruit sweetener (or 1 micro scoop of powder)

  • 1 tsp vanilla extract (or any natural flavouring you like)

  • a pinch of sea salt


  • First freeze coffee in ice trays.
  • Pour goat or coconut milk (ideally you will use cream) in a medium sized glass.
  • Add sweetener, salt and vanilla extract. mix using a teaspoon.
  • Add frozen coffee cubes and serve with a straw.


  • As you are drinking, the coffee will start melting and give more flavour and colour with every sip. The experience is quite pleasurable and refreshing.

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