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Keto groceries – Let’s create a Mediterranean shopping list

Keto groceries in the KMD universe can be located everywhere but not in the supermarket. I know, sounds like an oxymoron in today’s world when creating your Keto shopping list. However, if you would like to have the full potential of the Keto Mediterranean diet and its healing powers, you will have to shift the Keto shopping grocery list. Furthermore, you need to get into a time machine and travel back in time.

Keto groceries

Shopping like a true Mediterranean person is fun, but it’s sometimes difficult in the postindustrial era. Especially if you live in a country where everything is industrialised and ultra-processed. One of the reasons so many people still don’t have 100% success on the Ketogenic diet and lifestyle lies in the fact that the place they are shopping for their Keto groceries is wrong.

Keto shopping list often contains unnecessary ingredients and carby-replacements. In simple words, people spend more money on buying industrial protein powders, supplements, sweeteners, chocolate bars and all sorts of keto flours than on actual whole foods. This approach is as wrong as it can be!

Your Keto grocery doctor in a white coat!

Believe it or not, building a good relationship with a butcher is one of the best things you can do for your health. If you keep shopping for meat in the supermarkets, if your meat is prepacked, you will not get the best deals! Often, you will pay much more for low quality. When it comes to freshness, that’s where you’ll be fooled by the light, industrial tricks and marketing effects!

A good butcher is not someone who spent a couple of weeks in a quick-course to work at the supermarket meat department. A butcher is properly educated in animal anatomy and had spent years learning about the right ways to cut, clean, serve, mince, ground and chop different types of meat

He can tell the origin and freshness of the meat by just looking at it. They are usually best friends with chefs! They learn so much from each other and butchers don’t hesitate to share the knowledge with you! Ask them, you will see! In most cases, they love to talk about meat preparation and share some tricks!

Keto grocery budget planning

Even though many people think the Keto Mediterranean diet doesn’t include a lot of meat, they are wrong. If you want to get all the nutrient density required for a proper healing path, most of your money will go on meat! Good, quality, organic meat.

You will not need industrial protein powders, artificial products and shiny labels! Just juicy pieces of lamb, veal, beef, goat, rabbit or wild game! Fish and eggs should come next and if you have a fishermen’s market in your area, visit it once per week. Organise your budget around these Keto groceries! Your daily or weekly grocery budget should always have an emphasis on meat, fish and eggs.

Keto groceries

What about the veggies and Keto-friendly fruits?

Imagine your plate and 3 juicy cutlets on it. Now imagine a small portion of the vegetable side dish near the edge of the plate. All together sprinkled with some crumbled Feta cheese or a piece of melting butter. That’s how little you need. If you want to be creative, you can try any of our KMD friendly sauces, including our Keto chocolate meat sauce.

Gourmet Keto Chocolate

If you buy only the fresh Keto and low-carb veggies from the farmers market, you will need just some pocket money for this part. No need to search for exotic fresh fruits imported from across the globe in the supermarket.

On special occasions, you can purchase frozen or dried berries and prepare something special, beautiful and festive. But this doesn’t mean you’ll keep searching for this every single day!

What do we do with the nuts?

When it comes to nuts, well we all love them. However, if you are still not fitting in your ideal weight jeans, let the nuts wait! Once you reach the ideal weight maintenance, you will be able to treat yourself with some favourite nuts measured by your palm size. When it comes to nut flours, such as almond and coconut flours…

Pine nuts

Well, remember the ancient Greeks! They were making the special cake only on Noumenia when they were celebrating the beginning of the new lunar cycle. We could do the same, make a keto cake or bread only once per month! You’ll need so little that even the smallest packaging will be enough.

Where do Mediterraneans source goat and sheep dairy?

As you know, on KMD we avoid cow’s dairy! It’s simple, the anti-inflammatory properties, far less lactose and the easy-to-digest A2 cassein make these dairy products better in so many ways. Naturally, f you want to do it the way grandma did, you’ll find a farm and source it directly from them. Of course, you will be making your cheese and yoghurt if you feel brave!

Your Keto groceries from the dairy department should not play a major role in your budget planning! Remember, you’ll use it in small doses and sometimes just like a spice. If you cannot find specialised organic goat and sheep dairy shops, (they are common in Greece), this can be the only thing to search for in the supermarket.

Example of weekly Keto groceries Mediterranean budget planning

To make things easier, especially for the number of new members of our Keto Mediterranean diet group, we will assemble a list of groceries, and the percentage of the money you want to spend on each of them.

MeatButcher shop50%Daily3 KG
(6 Lb)
Fish/seafoodFishermen’s market10%2 times a week200g
(7 oz)
EggsFarmer’s market5%Daily30 medium
Goat/Sheep cheeseFarmer’s market/supermarket5%2 times200g
(7 oz)
Goat/ Sheep YoghurtFarmer’s market/supermarket4%2 times300g
(10,5 oz)
Butter or tallowFarmer’s market/supermarket5%Daily150g
(5,3 oz)
Keto fruitsFarmer’s market/supermarket2%Once100g
(3,5 oz)
Keto VegetablesFarmers market4%4 times1 kg
(2 lb)
NutsFarmer’s market, specialised stores3%Once40g
(1,4 oz)
CoffeeSpecialised stores, quality Arabica beans8%Daily150g
(7 oz)
spices and herbsFarmer’s market/specialised stores2%DailyN/A measured in small amounts
Olive oilFarmer’s market/specialised stores2%3 times a week300 ml
10.1 fl oz

Where are the most famous Keto groceries?

As you can see, in this Keto shopping list there are no condiments, olives, cacao powder, nut butter, seeds, keto flours, psyllium husk, beef gelatine or other ingredients that you might find in many of our recipes. This is because we need to understand that those special occasions, those Noumenia cakes and pastries should happen only once per month!

Sometimes we buy those things and they last for more than 6 months. They should not be listed in your weekly shopping list but purchased once per 4 to 6 months. Naturally, you will store them in a cool and dark place!

Stay Ketonised to the full potential!

We hope this will help you understand and start your KMD lifestyle changes! If you still need help, don’t hesitate to contact Apollonas for personal Keto Mediterranean coaching, meal plan creation or nutrition therapy appointments. You can simply send an appointment request on our homepage or send us a message by using our contact form!

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