Keto Mediterranean cookbook

Keto Mediterranean Cookbook

Our Keto Mediterranean Cookbook is finally here and we are happy to offer it as an e-book on our website! This cookbook brings you the tastiest and healthiest recipes. We included 6 categories to help you navigate through the world of healthiest appetisers, main courses, desserts and more. Naturally, we had to include our popular category called “Under 5 minutes”. These recipes are unique, fast creations that can help you consume healthy meals on the go.

This Keto Mediterranean cookbook gives you a detailed intro to the Keto Mediterranean diet, lifestyle and philosophy. Every category offers easy steps, tips and tricks for the perfect preparation of the most delicious and healthy meals in the Keto and Low-Carb universe. Beautiful design, attractive photos and unique approach to ancient wisdom with modern trends to healthy dieting.


We the Mediterraneans have been blessed with the enormous resource of healthy climate, sea, mainland and islands. Furthermore, rich flora and fauna influenced humans in this area throughout the millennia. Ancient Greek myths always talk about food from a mysterious point of view. The myth about the olive tree, or Zeus and good goat Amalthea are just two small examples. You can find these myths on our website. This Keto Mediterranean cookbook will be an ideal guide through the KMD world.

A typical Keto Mediterranean meal plan

You can choose from a variety of recipes we included in this Keto Mediterranean cookbook.  As you know, we recommend having 2 meals a day. Start with a good omelette, maybe Keto bread with lamb liver pate? You can also prepare Keto waffles or pancakes. There are many options, it’s all up to your creativity! if you are in a hurry, pickled eggs, cheese, and sausage are always handy!

For lunch, you can prepare our amazing Keto Giuverlakia Avgolemono, a cream soup with rosehips or even a nourishing fish soup. How about Keto Mageiritsa soup with liver? Your lunch should always start with a good soup, especially during the winter!

Whether you choose to eat fish or meat for the main course, don’t forget to use the best kinds of fat. For example,  goat/sheep butter, ghee, tallow, olive oil or coconut oil. You will find a lot of small tips for the best cooking fat in the book.

What about dessert on the Keto Mediterranean diet?

Oh yes, we are bringing you only the best recipes in this book. But remember, never eat dessert in between your meals! Snacking is not welcome on the Keto Mediterranean diet. You can eat a small portion of Keto dessert right after your meal or go for a slightly bigger portion instead of a meal.

Under 5 minutes recipes

We have also gathered some of our best recipes that can be ready in under 5 minutes. This way you’ll be able to treat yourself on a day when you don’t have the time or will to create a keto meal or treat.  

We hope you will enjoy every page of our Keto Mediterranean cookbook! 

Greek Goes Keto

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