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Keto Mediterranean diet and 4 reasons why it’s better than standard Keto

Keto Mediterranean diet (KMD) is not a diet but a specific lifestyle. How does this sound? As if you heard it one million times and still it’s not that clear to many Ketonians. Maybe you have heard, we are preparing our first Keto Mediterranean retreat this summer in Greece, and we thought it would be good to explain how KMD differs and how it helps on each level of your existence! Physically, mentally and even gives inspiration and motivation which is a kind of spiritual level.

The mighty number 4 and Keto Mediterranean diet

It’s going to be much easier to understand the main differences between popular Keto and Keto Mediterranean diet if we divide it into 4 chapters. We noticed that people who join our Keto Mediterranean Diet group on Facebook often don’t understand what is the main difference. We believe there are 4 main differences and this is why we will explain them here. We will try to be short and make each of these claims clear! So, let’s see…

KMD difference No. 1

KMD is the exact opposite of dirty Keto! We like to say that KMD is the cleanest Keto of all Ketos out there. We place a huge emphasis on fresh, organic and clean ingredients that you could call us Keto crime crew! šŸ˜‰ Before you continue, just watch this video we made on this subject!

If you watched this video, you will notice that most of the questions about the Keto Mediterranean diet are answered. But in short, KMD is the cleanest Keto that exists! All the ingredients have to be fresh, organic and healthy. Nutrients and micronutrients matter the most. Especially the Omega-3 to Omega-6 ratio! Have this as your first principal when switching to KMD!

We must not forget, everything is delicious and prepared at home except when you are on a trip! Even then, you can prepare and take your KMD meals with you! This is especially important for people who are still fighting a disease, condition or a serious case of obesity. Slow cooking is also a remedy for the soul!!! Furthermore, on the Keto Mediterranean diet you will be pickling and exploring the possibilities of old-fashioned food preservation!

KMD difference No. 2

The second difference focuses on sourcing food! It’s connected and interlaced with the first one! Ask yourself, where do you source your food? On the classical Keto diet, people just go to the supermarket and grocery stores and then read the labels for hours. On KMD, we just go to the butcher, farmers market, fishermen market and maybe order things from farms. Only a few ingredients can be purchased from standard grocery stores. Of course, purchasing online is quite ok if you know what you are searching for!

Is Keto sustainable

On KMD, we never opt for canned food!

Ideally, at least once, you will source your food in nature, maybe by fishing, hunting or picking wild greens or nuts…

KMD difference No. 3

Meat is the super-star of every KMD meal plan. By placing an emphasis on fatty meat cuts and ground meat you will have your macros in order. It’s simple, you can’t overeat carbohydrates on KMD because we don’t use plant-based food as the main ingredient, only as side dish or additive.


On KMD we are not afraid of protein if seafood or eggs are organic and your meat from a ruminant animal! We don’t consume pork or chicken except on rare occasions! This way we keep the Omega-balance in good order. Nothing more Mediterranean than lamb or goat roast!

We also explore the world of ancient foods, such as quail eggs, goat and sheep’s dairy, fish roe, organ meats and those things that might be exotic, but always bring great micronutrients! We avoid cow’s dairy whenever possible and prefer A2 beta-casein!

KMD difference No. 4

The attitude could be the answer to this! If you are not friendly to yourself, chances are you will be even worst friend to others. So, taking great care of your health should be a priority! Healing from inside out needs patience and determination! If you want to give a chance to KMD, forget the instant solutions, comfort zone, supplements, industrial Keto labeled food!

Just search for the best way to pamper yourself with healthy lifestyle changes! This also includes spending time in nature, seeing a lot of daylight and sunshine, sleeping well and relaxing! Socialising with positive people is another thing Mediterraneans do naturally!

Keto Mediterranean diet retreat

Our first Keto Mediterranean retreat that is going to happen this year in Spetember is already fully booked!!! However, if you would like to Spend a wonderful Keto Mediterranean vacation in Greece in 2021, send us an e-mail or contact us via our contact form so that we can put you on the list of Ketonians who will receive all the info about KMD retreat in Greece, 2021!

Stay Ketonised to the full potential
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