10 best Keto Mediterranean recipes
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10 best Keto Mediterranean recipes everyone will love

10 best Keto Mediterranean recipes in one article! This came as a request from our Instagram page follower and we decided to make it happen! Yes, people sometimes don’t have the time or will to search through the specific section of our page. Well, we decided to help them here! 😉

Keto Mediterranean diet became even more popular in the past months and even though we were the first to promote it, there are now different approaches to it. As you know, we don’t see it as a diet but a lifestyle and we follow three simple postulates:

  1. Natural, healthy, fresh ingredients…
  2. Homemade food, slow cooking, patience…
  3. Fun, laughter, comedy, enjoyment of sunshine and life…

When we are asked to explain our KMD to newcomers we always remind them of these 3 simple postulates! Especially those Ketonians that did not have much success with standard Keto and would like to try out a healthier approach.

10 best Keto Mediterranean recipes that will impress anyone

They all are stars of Greek Goes Keto universe. Yes, we do have a Mediterranean section here and this section features numerous recipes. Some of them grabbed more attention and we received a lot of feedback, photos, and questions about them. In most cases, they are traditional Greek recipes that have been ketonised to the full potential. However, there are some personal creations that simply fall into the Mediterranean category! Let’s see which are the best of the best Keto Mediterranean recipes:

#1 Keto Mediterranean recipe – Greek Meatballs with Kalamata olives

Things are simple – we have so many recipes for meatballs, but these ones are internet-favourite. So many people sent us positive feedback and told us about their enjoyment of these delicious and nutritious bites. We encourage you to give them a go, but make sure you have only the best minced lamb or mutton meat and some good Kalamata olives!

#2 Keto Mediterranean recipe РKeto Stifado with saut̩d butter zoodles

Oh yes, we do have a classic Stifado recipe, but this one is even better. It comes with wonderful zucchini zoodles that will make you forget the pasta blues. Furthermore, the creaminess of goat butter and Mediterranean spices will make this dish a 5-star restaurant experience without breaking the Keto rules!

#3 Keto Mediterranean recipe – Keto Gemista

Greeks are masters of stuffed veggies. And in this particular case, the Keto-friendly filling tastes even better than the original one which features rice. We also decided to bake it in the ancient Greek clay pot which brought all the flavour and aroma to another level! You will understand why Gemista is the most adored comfort food for Greeks and lovers of Greek cuisine once you try our Keto version!

#4 Keto Mediterranean recipe – Spring salsa with Keto macros

Aromatic, easy to prepare, delicious and nutritious. This stands for all our KMD recipes. But this one in particular will bring a lot of joy to any table. Make sure you use a lot of fresh or dried mediterranean herbs and only the best Greek Feta for topping!

#5 Keto Mediterranean recipe – Kreatomanitaropita, meat and mushroom pie

There are around 10 best Keto Mediterranean recipes for various pies on our website. Of course, the most popular is Spanakopita. Interestingly, this particular pie is a “hybrid” between meat and mushroom pies. Have in mind, the nutrients from this pie could feed Hercules himself!!! Once you prepare it, you will understand what we mean by that!

#5 Keto Mediterranean recipe – Famous Keto Spanakopita

10 best Keto Mediterranean recipes would not sound right without the wonderful Spanakopita. Not only that we have the old-fashioned recipe with a proper crust, but we also make a quick version that features only the filling baked in the form of quiche. So, if you don’t have the time for the crust, just prepare the quick version. We received more than 50 photos from people who prepared and enjoyed Keto Spanakopita. Maybe it’s the most popular recipe on our website 😉

#6 Keto Mediterranean recipe – Her majesty Keto Moussaka

This is by far the most famous Greek and Mediterranean dish and we were so excited to publish a Keto recipe for Moussaka. Yes, it’s totally ketonised in our kitchen, but we also made a carnivore version which got even more attention. Can something so comforting come without excess carbs? Well, check out the recipe and learn that it most certainly can!

#7 Keto Mediterranean recipe – Shrimp saganaki

Seafood is on our table at least two times per week. If it’s not mussels, then it’s shrimp, calamari or octopus. We believe that eating seafood more often could be the right thing in the Ketonian world. This way you will bring beneficial nutrients and flavours to a healthier level while you are trying to improve your Ketogenic lifestyle. This recipe made it to the list of 10 best Keto Mediterranean recipes because it’s is one of the best shrimp recipes out there! However, you can find many more recipes featuring seafood on our website!

#8 Keto Mediterranean recipe – Greek twist to fish paprikash

We love fish and we prepare it in every possible way. Fry it, bake it, steam it and saute it in butter. This particular method is borrowed from the Hungarians, but it’s prepared with so many Mediterranean spices, herbs and passion that it somehow ended up like a real Mediterranean dish! One of the best ways to introduce non-fish lovers to the world of Poseidon’s treasures!

#9 Keto Mediterranean recipe – Lamb Souvlaki – Kalamaki

There are numerous versions but we believe this lamb souvlaki is something that will brighten the spirit of your family members. Nothing more Mediterranean than meat on skewers, and then again, nothing more Mediterranean than lamb meat! Follow these simple steps and you will master it in your first attempt!

#9 Keto Mediterranean recipe – Rabit stew

Cultures in Europe are often interlaced. Traditions brought from north to south, east and west. In this particular example, we are seeing a traditional German recipe prepared on a Mediterranean way with refreshing results. We also have rabbit roast and rabbit pizza, but if you want to include Rabbit to your Mediterranean Keto kitchen, we suggest to start with this delicious stew recipe!

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