Keto Mediterranean retreat

Keto Mediterranean retreat 2021 – Treasurable memories

Keto Mediterranean retreat that was originally planned and booked for 2020 finally happened in June 2021. Even though all original participants were not able to fly to Greece, we managed to hold our Keto Mediterranean retreat as an unforgettable experience. Our international gathering with Americans, Greeks, and some other European visitors happened just as we hoped – perfectly relaxed and with tons of activities. We cooked only the best of Keto Mediterranean food at the villa, we dined out in the most romantic fish tavern on the beach where the owners prepared a surprise party for our participants. We went on a day trip to Athens which was the hottest day in June, but we survived! Naturally, because we are ketonians, heat resistance and morning fast are our superpowers!

Seven unforgettable days and our dear Americans

As we knew, many participants were not able to come due to fear of international flights or specific restrictions that their countries still hold. However, the bravest of them all, our super Ketonian Darlene from Detroit, flew and spent the most active vacation. Due to the history of metabolic syndrome, diabetes and other health issues, as well as her respectful age, we were a bit worried if she’ll be able to follow our program. To our surprise, Darlene was the most energetic of us all! She was ready for action at any time on every day of our Keto Mediterranean retreat! It seems like the KMD approach to dieting, the Greek climate and loving company turned this experience into a magical week for Darlene!

Darlene, Paola and Roberta – Athens exploring day

Wedding anniversary celebration

Paola and Al from Madison, Wisconsin are Greek Goes Keto family members and supporters from the very beginning. We were especially excited when they announced their arrival in Greece, despite all the restrictions. Keto Mediterranean retreat was not going to happen without us – said Paola! And what a great decision this was!

Paola and Al won the battle with many health issues by following Carnivore and Keto Mediterranean diet! They were full of energy with their explorer’s spirit and ready to jump into the blue Aegean sea at any moment! Like teenagers, our energies collided and we literally did not stop having fun. On the 5th day of our retreat, right after we went to visit Marathon archaeological museum, they were celebrating their wedding anniversary. Since we visited our favourite Fish tavern in Marathon a day before, the owners, a beautiful Keto oriented couple Pavlos and Vasiliki prepared a surprise party for Paola and Al. And what a celebration this was!!! Moonrise over the Marathon bay, Ketonians at the beach and loads of great music, Keto seafood and unforgettable Kokoretsi that was brought to us by Kaliopi, a new member of the Greek Goes Keto family!

Greek ketonians, friends and visitors

Each day we had visitors and celebrations of the KMD lifestyle. Our friends Agelos and Christos with their partners Danai and Christina brought a dash of Greek philoxenia and cheerful vibe. We were visited by another Greek ketonian, Antonis who took care of the barbecue parties. He also brought homemade desserts made by following Apollonas’s Greek video recipes. These deserts were a true hit among our participants.

Our friend Georgios brought a ton of quail eggs so we were literally having a feast with Keto tiramisu, crepes and nutrient-dense omelettes. In Athens, we met our friend Effie who owns the most beautiful souvenir shop in the touristic Plaka area. We spent wonderful time shopping and getting huge discounts at her inviting and colourful shop!

But above all, we want to mention Vasiliki and Kaliopi, two wonderful ladies from Marathon that left a mark in our hearts. They are just starting a Carnivore-KMD program and we are sure they’ll have enormous success. Kaliopi’s mother reminded us of the mother from “My big fat Greek wedding” and in fact, the whole atmosphere was just like that! We must not forget Apollonas’ father Apostolis who helped with everything he could and who stayed with us at the villa.

Last but not least, we must mention mister Michalis, the villa owner who was a super-host. Upon our arrival, we were surprised by the Keto-friendly gifts he brought: Feta, aged goat cheese, olives, greek goat yoghurt, strawberries and blackberries. We were more than touched and our participants adored all these foods.

What about next year?

Well, we most certainly have to repeat and make this Keto Mediterranean retreat a traditional yearly event. With hopes that our world will open a bit and that international flights will be much easier. However, we definitely cannot have a large group if we want to have the top experience. For this reason, watch our website and our social media, as soon as we announce new dates and new location in Greece, there will be just a few spots available. Until then…

Stay ketonised to the full potential!!!

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