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Keto mini bread pastry – healthy bites from the south

Keto mini bread pastry was a big hit at one of our previous birthday parties. People simply kept asking for more. Is this really flourless? They kept bombing us with questions.

-How can you bake something so tasty without any cereal flour? How did they grow without yeast, how come they taste so good…

Well, these Keto mini bread pastries have some serious Mediterranean power of seduction. In our region, eastern Mediterranean, spices and herbs have been added to the pastry from the ancient times. If you visit a bakery in Greece, you’ll most probably see a large variety of Koulouri rings, shortbread, crackers and all sorts of grissini. All of them will come in numerous varieties. But the one that takes the heart of every gourmet enthusiast is always made with loads of Mediterranean herbs.

The power of Mediterranean herbs and spices

Let me take you through the health benefits of specific herbs and spices I’ve chosen for these Keto mini bread pastries.

1. Sage  – strong  antidepressant

Sage takes its name from the Latin word Salvere, which suggests “to save something.” In Greek, it’s called Faskomilo «Φασκόμηλο» and grows everywhere in the Eastern Mediterranean region. Sage has been used since antiquity. The Minoans in Crete depicted it in their Frescos. Strong cleansing properties have been known to Hippocrates. Sage is recognised as an antidepressant and tonic for the nervous system.

2. Rosemary  – fighting allergies

The powerful component in rosemary is known as rosmarinic acid. This element has been shown to reduce allergic symptoms and nasal blockage. It works as a strong antiallergen and gives the specific Mediterranean aroma to every dish. Baths with rosemary provide deep relaxation to the nervous system and muscles.

3. Garlic  – for the love of your heart

During the antiquity, the principal utility of garlic was for its therapeutic qualities. Today we know that most of garlic’s health forces are coming from a compound designated as Allicin. This compound is responsible for garlic’s unmistakable scent. Garlic usage is well known for fighting illness, including the common cold. If you frequently get colds, then supplementing more garlic to your diet could be astonishingly effective. There is also a credible indication for advantageous impacts on heart health.

4. Red paprika flakes  – beneficial in so many ways

From all the great benefits of using paprika as a spice, I would like to point out that it contains iron. As we know, iron is associated with the development of red blood cells. Additionally, the overflowing quantity of vitamin C in this spice empowers the body to incorporate iron. In this way, the addition of paprika in your diet can promote prevention of anaemia.

5. Flower of sea salt

The salt blossom (Fleur de Sel) is created during warm summer days as a thin layer of minerals on the surface of the sea. It is being collected with a wooden shovel very early in the morning before it sinks to the bottom. The composition of the flower of sea salt is somewhat different because it has a slightly higher proportion of harder soluble salts. This affects the taste, which makes the flower of salt to reach a much higher price on the market.

Keto mini bread pastry with Mediterranean herbs

Naturally, as I always do, I will follow the three basic principles of KMD (Keto Mediterranean Diet)!

  1. Healthy
  2. Natural
  3. Delicious

I will also make it as simple as it can be! There’s no reason to make it difficult and complicated. As they look so inviting, they have to be easy to prepare, so that you can enjoy them with your family and friends instead of spending hours in the kitchen. Their mini size is allowing us to bake them shorter, therefore we need less time to worry if they’ll bake in the middle. Trust me, they will, and they’ll bring the magnificent feeling of true Mediterranean home to just about any corner of this planet! They will become the next biggest star of your social gatherings! Keto baking, in fact, is better for everybody, not only for us Ketonians!

Keto mini bread pastry with Mediterranean herbs

Apollonas Kapsalis
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Course Appetizer, Bread
Cuisine Keto Mediterranean
Servings 30


  • 200 g (1 cup) sour cream
  • 120 g (1/2 cup) butter
  • 8 tbsp olive oil extra virgin
  • 150 g (1 cup) sesame flour alternatively, sunflower seed flour or almond flour
  • 5 tbsp ground golden flaxseed
  • 2 large eggs
  • 2 tbsp psyllium powder alternatively chia flour
  • 1 tbsp flower of sea salt alternatively 1 tsp sea salt
  • 1 tsp dried sage
  • 1 tsp garlic powder
  • 1 tbsp red paprika flakes
  • 1 tsp ground dried rosemary
  • 2 tbsp sesame seeds
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 2 tbsp lemon juice


  • Mix butter, sour cream and olive oil with an electric mixer. Add one by one egg and keep mixing. Add baking soda and lemon juice.
  • At this point add all the spices and mix for another 30 seconds with a mixer.
  • Mix all the dry ingredients in another mixing bowl. (Sesame flour, flaxseed flour, psyllium or alternatives) Add them spoon by spoon to the wet ingredients and at this point start working the dough with your hands.
  • Leave the dough in the refrigerator for 10 minutes. After that grease your hands with olive oil and start making mini pieces of bread in the size of walnuts. Using a fork make the lines on top of your mini breads. Place them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.
  • Sprinkle with sesame seeds and tap them in so that they stick to the surface.
  • Bake for 15 minutes at 170ºC (338ºF) and then leave them in the oven without opening it until they are cool enough to take them out with your fingers.
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    1. Hi Danijela, did you try the golden flaxseed? If you still don’t like it you can try ground chia seeds…

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