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Keto mistakes ladies usually do and 4 ways to fix them

Keto mistakes ladies usually do can lead to disappointment. Let’s be honest, things like this can break our heart. As a woman, I can tell you, I feel even more heartbroken if I invested time and energy into something and this something turned to be wrong.

It’s all a process of learning from our own mistakes. From life decisions to taking care of our skin, nails, hair or even our soul. We simply have to awaken the Amazon woman within us, and fight all the obstacles from scratch! Yes, we all have a Wonder woman deep inside, and this is how you can reach her within your own personality.

Why Keto mistakes?

We received numerous questions from ladies around the globe about Keto mistakes, lifestyle changes and in particular KMD. Since we keep pointing out that health, strength and beauty can be achieved naturally by sticking to KMD lifestyle for at least 6 months, maybe it’s time to explain it a bit more. Keto Mediterranean lifestyle is not pure avoidance of carbs! It’s a whole process of changing your life from the smallest things to the finest details.

As always, we care about Ketonians! For us, sharing and giving information to those who ask is a pleasure and passion! Particularly, for the ladies that support and follow Greek Goes Keto on social media, I will write a small guide. Let’s call it a lexicon of Keto mistakes we can all fix and make our lives easier and enjoyable!

#1 Keto mistakes with industrial products, quick fixes and modern world’s traps

This is one of the biggest problems modern humans have. Unfortunately, everything has to come with a bar code, pre-packed, highly marketed and with a promise of a quick solution. Our health issues and weight problems did not come overnight. We cannot expect them to go away instantly. Especially not with supplements, pills, industrial Keto labelled products and especially not with exogenous ketones.

Ketosis is a harmless state that should be achieved by following a healthy protocol. The only way your nutrition can be really healthy is if you prepare all your meals from scratch, at home. Ingredients have to be unprocessed and you need to learn how to process them correctly! If you rely on the “Big Food and Big Pharma to fix your problems, chances are you’ll end up with more health issues than you have right now.

If you decide to take things in your hands and fix most of your health-related problems, one decision has to be made. You need to live your life the way your grandmother did. Shop at the farmers market, butcher shop, local farms and small stores… Make healthy meals at home, homemade remedies, your own cosmetics and do as much as you can with your hands! Nothing compares to creative energy and the feeling of fulfilment when you make something from scratch!

#2 Keto mistakes with low-protein and obsessively counting macros

Counting macros gives you a fake feeling of control. What you really need to care about are the right micro-nutrients and eating enough of good protein. The name says it all! Protein is the “Proto” (first) nutrient that creates life.

So why would you fear it and have only 20% of the primary nutrient? Unless you suffer from epilepsy or any other neurological disease, you don’t need that type of Keto. You will still reach ketosis if you eat more protein, followed by its natural fat. Carbs will not be a problem if you consume a small salad with a large piece of fatty meat. Increasing amounts of ruminant animal products helped so many women with various problems.

Hair loss, weak nails, fragile bones, bad skin, bad teeth, hormonal disbalance, sexuality… All related to low-protein consumption and disproportional micronutrients

As a woman, I can tell you, my health and psychological state improved enormously after quitting chicken and pork! Besides being extremely rich in omega-6 and poor in omega-3, these two types of meat are totally unfriendly to woman’s health! Give it a try, exclude them for a month and see what happens.

Eating seafood, ruminant animal meat and internals, enough of organic eggs and quail eggs was a game-changer for me. Of course, cow’s dairy should also be out of the frame!

#3 Eating Keto dessert too often

Sugar and spices and everything not-so-nice! Keto ladies should never consider sugar as something nice. This is what destroyed our society! Obsession with dessert brought us to making Keto versions too often.

Some ladies reached a plateau and never continued losing weight while others developed symptoms related to artificial sweeteners, nut-based flours, flavourings and additives in heavy-whipping cream, cream cheese and industrial coconut milk. It’s simple, most popular Keto desserts and recipes all over the internet are far from healthy!

OK, I personally published numerous Keto dessert recipes and I tried my best to exclude all harmful ingredients. But if you make Keto dessert each and every day, if you eat it 2-3 times a day, you will not have any benefits or health improvements.

There are so many healthy Keto desserts, but eating them once per month during the weight loss period is more than enough. By excluding industrial products, such as cream cheese, heavy cream or almond flour, you will make a huge step in the right direction. You can also prepare homemade chocolate to enjoy after a meal. But remember, moderation is the key to all success!!!

#4 Cheating followed by alcohol consumption

This is one of the Keto mistakes related to psychological state and stress management. If you are falling into a trap of cheating, even cheating by consuming dirty Keto meals, you will soon be lost in the whirlpool of failure. Cheating is an enemy and you should treat it as such. Anyone encouraging you to cheat is not your friend at all.

So, as soon as you change your attitude and decide that you’ll stick to healthy nutrition and lifestyle for longer than one month, you will start growing your wings. And when I say wings, I mean self-confidence and positive thinking! We wrote an awesome guide on how to never cheat and enjoy a perfect Ketonian lifestyle!

Alcohol is another serious problem and we have to mention it here. Research suggests that overconsumption of alcohol causes brain, heart and liver damage more quickly in women than in men. A glass of dry wine will not do something serious, but if you consume it every day, and then follow it by some heavy liquor (often advertised as Keto friendly) in the evening, your body will have to work overtime to deal with toxins and acidity!

An estimated 88,0005 people (approximately 62,000 men and 26,000 women5) die from alcohol-related causes annually, making alcohol the third leading preventable cause of death in the United States. The first is tobacco, and the second is poor diet and physical inactivity.

Statistics taken from National Institute of Alcohol abuse and Alcoholism

Learning to enjoy alcoholic beverages occasionally, or only on special days is the key for Keto ladies! But even then, make a smart move! Remember that Vodka was made from potatoes. If you decide to have alcohol on special occasions, then have something which is top quality, posh and exclusive. Treat yourself and then go back to avoiding alcohol for longer periods.

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