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Keto on vacations without cheating at all

Keto on vacations is actually getting easier as the years are passing by. We did our clean Keto summer last year in Greece and we learned a lot from it. For example, we wrote an article on Saving your ketosis in a Greek taverna and we even came up with Ice cream Keto blues recipe. But this year we decided to spend a week some 42 kilometres out of Athens, in the area of Ancient Marathon.

Keto on vacations in breathtaking ancient Marathon

Marathon (Μαραθώνας),  is a town or we can say a village in Attica region. This extremely important historical spot is the site of the battle of Marathon in 490 BC. The story says that the heavily outnumbered Athenian army victoriously defeated the Persians when they tried to invade Athens. The most significant character from this story, Pheidippides, a Greek messenger, was sent to run from Marathon to Athens to announce the victory. Tragically, Pheiddipides died just after he brought the message to Athenians. The marathon running race was conceived in modern times based on this story.

Just a quick list of reasons we love this place

  • Breathtaking nature, forest, lake, hills, and rivers
  • Most beautiful sea coast and beaches in Attica
  • So much history, monuments and archaeology
  • Quick arrival from Athens
  • The only temple of Egyptian gods in Europe
  • Clean environment and friendly people

But how to do clean Keto on vacations?

In Greece, this is easier than in many other European countries. You can have two strategies. First, you can decide to eat all your meals in taverns and fish taverns. You can easily explain to waiters that you do not require pita bread, potatoes or anything breaded. Have in mind, fried things will always be fried in olive oil, but make sure they don’t use flour before frying. Of course, grilled meat or seafood is always a great option… However, this could end up as a pricey version.

You can always decide to have one meal out and another in your hotel room! This way, at least in Greece, you will be able to eat cleanest Keto foods while travelling and enjoying your Keto Mediterranean lifestyle.

What coffee to take?

The safest way to enjoy quality coffee is to prepare cold brewed arabica and have it in your hotel’s room refrigerator. Then again, if you are in Greece, you can find Freddo espresso in any corner kiosk. As you know, we don’t recommend to add cream, milk or anything to your morning coffee. Don”t break your beneficial morning fasting. It would be ideal if you can mobilise your fat by going to swim in the fasted state. one black unsweetened coffee will be more than great pre-workout. You can take some salt too.

What to buy in supermarkets?

In Greece, there are numerous things you can buy in every supermarket that are Keto Mediterranean and clean. From varieties of goat and sheep dairy to the smoked salmon or cured meat. Here’s a quick list of the things we loaded our hotel room fridge with…

  • smoked salmon
  • prosciutto
  • fish roe
  • feta cheese
  • aged goat cheese
  • goat and sheep yoghurt
  • goat and sheep cream and butter
  • walnuts and macadamia nuts
  • avocados
  • blackberries
  • dried sea buckthorn berries
  • 100% chokeberry and pomegranate juice, lime and lemon for non-alcoholic cocktails in the room
  • sparkling mineral water
  • 100% arabica coffee for cold brewing
  • raw cacao powder
Keto on vacations
This true gem of butter found in Greek supermarket is made of goat and sheep milk and it comes from the island of Crete. We made a raw hotel-room Keto chocolate with it!

Creativity on the go

We don’t miss dessert nor are we tempted by the offer of all kinds of ice-cream all around us. For example, we can add a splash of pomegranate or chokeberry juice to our sparkling mineral water, a slice of lime and a lot of ice. Then we can enjoy these extremely low carb drinks on our hotel room balcony with the view to Aegean sea. We can even mix goat and sheep cream, butter with some of our pocket stevia, add cacao powder and freeze this in our small freezer that came with the fridge.

There are so many ideas and we really want to motivate you to be a creative Ketonian. Keto lifestyle must not end when you go on vacations. It’s actually the best way to practice your power of will and get into perfect mental and physical shape. Spending more time under the Mediterranean sun will also help.

As we always say, please stay ketonised to the full potential. This is the only way Keto can really help you. Make sure you check all our social media for more live reports from our wonderful and empowering Greek Keto vacations!

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  1. Thank you–I eat clean keto and am a big traveler and it is not easy at times.
    Have been planning on visiting Greece (thinking Crete for 3 weeks next fall) –where were you in Greece? Your pictures are stunning and I would love to go somewhere where I can easily stay keto!
    Thank you
    PS –Love your recipes

    1. Hi Kathryn and thank you for your comment. As you can read in the article, we are spending our vacations in ancient Marathon which is 42 kilometres out of Athens. If you keep following us here and on our social media, you will be able to learn all about staying Keto while on vacations. You can eat real Keto food anywhere in Greece. Our youtube channel also has several videos on this subject. Another article which can help you here is this>

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