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Keto secret protocol for faster fat-loss

Keto secret protocol is known to nutritionists and fitness experts who have been studying it, working with clients that need rapid fat loss or to get leaner right before a specific event. Yes, a specific diet has been used among professional athletes, actors, celebrities and bodybuilders for decades. But a thing you’ll be surprised about is that it is not based on enormous amounts of dietary fat! Things are simple! If you want to metabolise your own fat (yes this is a much better term than to say – burn fat), you will have to reduce the fat intake and totally avoid the carbohydrates. This will still lead to ketosis in most people.

Understanding the body composition

Here’s a Keto secret that will change the way you think about the Keto diet! Your image in the mirror is not all you need to care about! You really have to touch yourself, feel the tissue. Are you fluffy, soft as jello or are you tough, strong and robust to touch? Can you feel your muscles? They keep you going, they give you life, just remember your heart is a muscle too!

So, why would you care for the numbers on the scale or the clothing size? You need to have higher muscle mass, lower fat percentage and good, strong bone density. Water in our body is important but it also must never be retained too much. So, if you arm yourself with knowledge in this field, maybe a smart scale or a skinfold calliper and write a fat loss journal, progress will be measurable and noticeable!

Keto Mediterranean approach

If you are reading this article, you might already know that the website was founded by a Greek nutritionist who got passionate about the Keto lifestyle with the Mediterranean twist. But he did not want to approach the diet superficially! He went further and explored, studied for years and applied the Mediterranean approach to Keto dieting in his work with clients. The positive results were enormous! One of the first things that Apollonas changed in the standard Ketogenic diet when creating KMD is the lack of industrially processed ingredients. There are no fast foods, industrial supplements and anything that comes from the laboratory. Apollonas created our KMD based on the diet of Ancient Greek athletes and heroes. Now, who wouldn’t like to look like an Ancient Greek statue? What if we tell you that it’s easier than you thought? First, explore what is the KMD that Greek Goes Keto promotes and how it’s different from any other Keto you know.

Fasted activity, Keto secret tool for speeding up the fat-loss

So, you are fat-adapted. Imagine how much of your body fat the body will utilise if you just apply the fasting method properly. To understand it better, fasted training or any fasted activity is ideally done in the morning. This is when your metabolism starts and this is when your body will reach for you own fat as energy! Teaching your body that it already has energy stored up to it is the best thing you can do! If you need an ultimate guide to fasted activities, we wrote an article that will lead you in the right direction regardless of your physical readiness or stamina.

Keto secret that will shock you

Maybe you will find this shocking, but counting macros is really not helpful. You think it gives you some control while it actually becomes your obsession and rarely gives proper results. Dieting for fat loss is actually pretty simple. Our ancestors who had better bodies and looked fitter than we as a society could serve as an example. From the prehistoric era to the glorious ancient Olympic Games, athletes and warriors predominately ate meat! To understand this concept, read the article below:

Stop counting macros, eat more meat!

Things could be put simple: besides ruminant meat, eat more seafood and eggs and smaller than usual portions of anything that comes from the plant world. As simple as that! You might say it’s almost carnivore! Yes, it is, but with an emphasis on micronutrients. Don’t worry about the macros and carbs. If your plate contains foods that are naturally composed as Ketogenic but with an emphasis on protein, not fat, you’ll quickly get the results.

For example, you can eat a large portion of seafood with a small salad, a couple of eggs, maybe quail eggs, and a piece of lamb liver. You will be covered both with macro and micronutrients.

When you want a professional approach

Naturally, if you want quick and healthy fat loss, the way professionals do it, you could book an online appointment with Apollonas. Here you can opt to have a consultation session or to order a meal plan. It’s a specific program designed for each individual after a long and informative conversation. Clients around the globe have successfully reached fast and easy transformation within weeks. I need to point out, this approach works as a specific course! Once you reach the goal, you’ll be able to apply these techniques every time you get out of shape or wander away from the healthy path.

To finish this article, I will remind you that a healthy and beautiful body requires perfect spiritual and mental training as well. Sometimes, it’s harder to train our own minds than to train our bodies. However, once you set the goal, work further on the inspiration. See all the reasons excess fat and unhealthy body work against your well-being. This way you will be able to set the priorities and we should always be a priority to ourselves. Only if we are healthy and happy, we’ll be able to take care of others!

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