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Keto strawberry Marmalade – Raw and healthy low-carb treat

Keto strawberry marmalade is the safest fruit condiment you can prepare if you miss the fruity flavour and want your fruits to be low in sugar. Now that the summer is almost reaching its last weeks, the season of homemade marmalades and jams is just around the corner.

However, jams or marmalades, they all include cooking and, unfortunately, reducing the vitamin content. In most cases, people think that making marmalade with fresh fruits is the best. But is it so? Fresh is not always available. Furthermore, this might come as a surprise, fresh is not always the richest in nutrients. How can it be?

Fragile strawberries are losing nutrients within hours

When we talk about strawberries, as with every berry, nutrients are diminished with the time. Strawberries are favourite fruit to many Ketonians because they offer only 4,9g of sugar per 100g of fruit and they also offer around 70g of vitamin C. Additionally, they will give you a decent amount of folate. However, strawberries drastically lose their nutrients with every hour they spend separated from their straw (runner or stolon) after picking.

keto strawberry

So, imagine, you find them somewhere in the supermarket, or even in the farmers market… How many hours or days ago have they been picked? In most cases, many, many hours ago! So, don’t buy them fresh for the nutrients, buy them for the flavour. On the other side, if you find them frozen, chances are that the producer froze them immediately after they have been picked. This could be the reason they always taste intensive after defrosting.

Vitamin C prefers freezing over boiling

For some reason, if you freeze the strawberries immediately after picking them, you will end up with more vitamin C and other nutrients then if you cook them into a traditional marmalade or jam. Strawberries are a potent reservoir of vital vitamins and minerals, and freezing them preserves these nutrients! Of course, you want an unsweetened product and you would like the producer to state the process of preservation. Ideally, they just wash the fruit and fast-freeze it immediately after picking. You can always call them and ask, as we did!  

You can have your raw Keto strawberry marmalade at any time of the year

How is this possible? Well, first of all, our method is not exposing them to high temperature! Secondly, you will use unsweetened frozen strawberries which you can purchase at any time of the year. Naturally, this raw strawberry marmalade will have to be consumed within 10 days. That’s why you’ll make a smaller amount and enjoy it, share it with friends and family. I can promise you, everybody will love it. Raw Marmelade simply tastes better than the cooked one!

How is this Keto?

Take a good look at our macros! Yes, there’s no fat because we wanted to make it a real marmalade. You can add butter, yoghurt, cream or tahini paste to add some fats. Furthermore, you will not use a large amount of it even as a condiment. A tablespoon or two will be an ideal portion! This will not jeopardise your Keto macros. Additionally, you can use it for pancakes, crepes, or even in salad dressings. I would definitely recommend this Keto raw strawberry marmalade as a great booster of flavour in your Greek yoghurt salad dressing. It’s so versatile, you will come up with many ideas if you just let your creative spirit out. 😉

Keto strawberry raw marmalade

Keto strawberry raw marmalade

Recipe by Roberta Kapsalis
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  • 450g (15,8 oz) frozen strawberries

  • 30g (1 oz, 3 tbsp) grass-fed beef gelatine

  • 300 ml water

  • Stevia or Monk fruit sweetener to your liking


  • Leave the frozen strawberries at room temperature for an hour.
  • Heat up 300 ml of water with gelatin, but don’t let it boil. Add as stevia or monk fruit sweetener and mix well. (We used 12 tablets of 100% stevia portable sweetener)
  • Blend strawberries into a paste using a blender or food processor.
  • Mix the gelatine mixture with your strawberry paste. You will notce how it thickenes immediately.
  • Place it in washed and dried glass jars and seal well.
  • Keep in the refrigerator and use within 10 days.


  • You can add some lemon juice and this way prolong the life of this raw marmalade! (Thank you Richard)
  • The nutrition label is calculated per 2 tablespoons of marmalade. You can use even 4 tablespoons and still stay within Low-Carb macros!
  • For a great barbeque sauce, add salt, less sweetener, black, red or white pepper and some red paprika powder.
Keto Strawberry

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  1. In Your recipe It says leave out Strawberries to room temperature. Then a bit Further down Strawberry paste. Am I crushing them?

  2. Hi, I tried to do the strawberry marmalade but it turned out I made a couple of mistakes…. I had fresh strawberries and I froze them so I didn’t realise that they should be thoroughly defrosted, so I should have crushed the fresh ones? Also I didn’t have powdered gelatine but leaves so after trying to match the equal portion I think I overdone… I ended up with a jelly looking smoothie.,. However I wanted to point out that the lemon juice also made it a bit sweeter! I added also some chia seeds … but I couldn’t march the colour from your video 🙂

    1. Hi Eleni,

      This is a simple recipe and it’s difficult to make it wrong. Maybe your gelatine wasn’t fresh or the variety wasn’t concentrated enough so it did not give you the consistency. You definitely don’t need to use frozen strawberries now that the season is on! We published this recipe during the winter. 🙂 Good luck!

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