Keto tea biscuits

Keto tea biscuits – flourless, light and very low in carbs

Keto tea biscuits occasionally make our kitchen smell like heaven. However, we are aware the seductive smell of Keto sweets is a problem for people struggling with sugar addiction. The same goes for those suffering from general food addiction. Also, there are those Ketonians who are just starting the ketogenic diet and want to have top results. Before we proceed with this recipe, if you are one of them, we recommend enjoying our main course section. Please note, we have hundreds of savoury recipes on this website. All our savoury recipes will not trigger cravings and they can help you on your path to getting healthier.

That said, we believe the majority of Ketonians who started their Keto path properly had the results quickly. This means eating enough of vital micronutrients, protein, good fats and very few carbs.. The maintenance phase is the subject among all determined ones and that’s just wonderful. If you are one of Ketonians who reached the maintenance phase and you love bakin, this is the recipe for you! The best thing about it is that it’s flourless and very easy to prepare.

Why we call them Keto tea biscuits?

Biscuits have been a part of everyday life for people around the globe since ancient times. Naturally, in different parts of the world people call them cookies, cakes or even treats. But the main idea behind our Keto tea biscuits was not to promote snacking. We just wanted to make a healthier version of tea biscuits. They can easily replace a meal for those in the maintenance phase.

We are aware that in the United States and Canada a biscuit is a kind of bread. A type that is typically unsweetened. There we found the connection. Our Keto tea biscuits will be mildly sweet . Also, we cannot call them cookies because they have a softer and lighter texture. Ffinally, we decided to make our Keto version smell like typical Mediterranean bakery goods. Well, we are Greek Goes Keto, after all! We need to give a Greek element to everything! :)

Making Keto or Low-Carb treats for everyone

We love presenting our Keto creations to people who don’t follow this lifestyle. In particular, were love to surprise those sceptics who say that Keto dessert always taste less attractive. Well, these Keto tea biscuits taste equally good. For example, would you like to host an old-fashioned tea party? Our Keto tea biscuits will be a beautiful creation that will impress anyone. Maybe your friends or family members who keep teasing you about your way of eating would finally stop! ;) In the end, it’s all about sharing and enjoying life as much as possible!

Keto tea biscuits

Recipe by Roberta Kapsalis
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Course: Keto dessertCuisine: Keto, Low CarbDifficulty: medium


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  • 8 yolks

  • 300g (10 oz) sour cream

  • 1 tbsp lemon or orange zest

  • 1 tsp pure monk fruit powder (or stevia extract powder)

  • 1 tbsp psyllium powder (or golden flaxseed meal)

  • 150g (5,2 oz) finally ground macadamia (or blanched hazelnuts)

  • 1 tbsp vanilla extract

  • 6 tbsp sparkling mineral water

  • 150g (5,2 oz) fresh or frozen strawberries or rasberries

  • Meringue topping
  • 8 egg whites

  • 1/2 tsp citric acid

  • 1/2 tsp sea salt

  • 20 drops liquid monk fruit extract (we used the caramel flavoured monk fruit)


  • In a deep mixing bowl, mix egg yolks with sour cream. Add lemon zest, vanilla extract, monk fruit and psyllium powder (or flaxseed meal). Now add sparkling mineral water and keep mixing. When you get a nice and unified mixture, slowly add finely ground nuts.
  • Grease a baking pan (20×30 cm / 8×12 inch) with some butter or coconut oil and sprinkle some psyllium powder or coconut flour to prevent sticking. Pour the batter and distribute it to covert the pan. Bake in the preheated oven at 150ºC (300ºF) for 17 minutes.
  • Beat the eggwhites with sea salt, citric acid and monk fruit into a firm meringue.
  • Remove the base from the oven and distribute sliced strawberries on top. if you are using raspberries use whole berries.
  • Cover with meringue and create waves using a fork. Return to the oven and reduce the temperature to 120C (240 ºF). Bake for another 45 minutes or until the top turns golden brown.
  • Let it cool down totally before you cut out square biscuits. Use a sharp knife and rinse it with warm water between cuttings. This amount can give you 12 to 15 biscuits.


  • For the firm meringue, beat the ewgg whites with sea salt and citric acid for at least 15 minutes before adding liquid sweetener. You can also use 1/2 tsp of crème de tartre (cream of tartar) as an acidified instead of citric acid.
  • Instead of sour cream, you can use Greek yoghurt, ideally made of goat or sheep’s milk.
  • Serve with your favourite tea, we recommend Earl Grey or Darjeeling types.
  • You can also use hazelnut or macadamia nut paste instead of finely ground nuts.

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  1. It looks yummy but I don’t have half of those ingredients.
    I’m not on keto but just looking for some ‘sugar-free’ desserts.
    Thanks anyways.

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