Keto weight loss

Keto weight loss has happened, but the skin and muscles are not firm? How can Greek Goes Keto help?

Keto weight loss goal can and should be reached by any Ketonian who does it the KMD way! It happens sooner or later, but you always reach your ideal weight with the anti-inflammatory approach to Ketogenic diet!

However, if you have been fighting excess bodily fat for years, chances are your skin around the waist, on your upper arm and around the hips will not be aesthetically pleasing. Luckily, this is not a reason to search for a plastic surgeon immediately, unless you went from size XXXL to XS. In most cases, changing a few numbers in centimetres or inches is fixable naturally!

Keto weight loss care – From inside out

In our live videos, we keep talking about KMD as a way of living, not just dieting. Diet is important, but in many cases will not work as good you would like it to work if you don’t pay equal attention to all three postulates of the Mediterranean Golden Φ. Let’s remember them one more time:

  1. Natural, healthy, fresh ingredients, ancient foods
  2. Homemade, oldfashioned slow cooking, patience
  3. Fun, laughter, physical activity, comedy, sunshine

Once you reach your ideal weight, you must not forget or pay less attention to any of these postulates. There’s always space for improvement and there’s always a solution in the ancient kitchen! Why we say ancient? Well, for centuries and millennia, humans have been successfully using food as medicine and cosmetic. Not to mention, when you combine these with positive vibes and some physical movement, you can expect a great reward!

Staying loyal to the three postulates of KMD should be your first decision when you reach the ideal weight loss and when you heal from inside out!

Keto or Low-Carb, how nutrition can help your muscle tonus and skin elasticity?

Keto weight loss

Anti-inflammatory foods should still be on your plate each day! Start with ruminant meat, pasture-raised eggs, seafood, goat and sheep dairy and build your way around this basis. Vitamin E is helping our skin stay youthful, so try eating shellfish, liver and quail eggs more often. That is, of course, if you have problems with oxalates in almonds and seeds.

Of course, you can eat vegetables if you like them so much, but make sure your protein intake is slightly increased! Especially after the physical activity. Always eat fatty parts of meat, fatty fish because you want your omega-3! Don’t forget the mighty Sea buckthorn, it could be the best Keto or low-carb fruit to aid your skin and muscle appearance!

The magic power of collagen

When we talk about protein, do not forget collagen! Nothing will make your skin elastic again as the mighty collagen! Where to source it? Make it a daily habit to start a meal with good old bone broth! You can even try a fish broth once per week. Ideally, you will have veal or beef bones slowly boiled in a lot of water for 4-5 hours. Then use this base for all sorts of creative cooking. You can also prepare one of our recipes with grass-fed beef gelatine and enjoy desserts, gumdrops, jello or even cake with extra collagen.

Targeting the muscle groups in the critical zones

fat adapted

So, you might not be into fitness or bodybuilding. That’s fine! You can still perform numerous fun activities that will help you shape those critical parts after the weight loss. Explore all the possibilities of callisthenics! This is a brave fitness movement that allows you to utilise your body weight and shape your body at home or in any location. It also allows to train your energy systems and work on building your stamina!

If you like dancing, now it the ideal time to join a dancing class! Dancing is particularly useful for the muscles in your legs and area of gluteus. It also activates the hips, abdomen, and lower back muscles. Sometimes dancing significantly firms arms and upper body muscles.

Allmighty water – in and out

ancient pine

Of course, hydration is important. so is spending time next to the body of water from a psychological point of view. However, swimming activates the parts of your body that aren’t usually actively moving. Workouts in the water are unique because they produce strong resistance while keeping you safe of injuries.

We all can lose our balance while lifting free weights. If we are trying to perform an exercise on a machine, we better have a personal trainer with us. But injuries in the swimming pool are extremely rare. This gives us a great possibility to build strength with a smaller risk of injury.

Natural skin-firming body butter

When it comes to skin-care, we are as oldfashioned as we are futuristic. There’s just something empowering in the ancient recipes which include ingredients from our Keto kitchen. This is why we started the natural cosmetic category on Greek Goes Keto! For years now, I’ve been experimenting with natural skincare that I can prepare at home and I had some extraordinary results.

Of course, you can spend tons of money on industrial products and some of them will work perfectly. On the other side, you can just play with a few natural ingredients and have equally great results. Skin firming has been a subject of interest from the times of Cleopatra. So why don’t we give it a try? For me, it works perfectly!

Three best herbal oils for skin treatment

Nothing can compare to the magic powers of Sea buckthorn oil. This scientific study will give you all about the active ingredients of this almost extraterrestrial oil! Sea Buckthorn oil has anti-aging properties and some serious healing powers. Oxidative damage that affects all of us can be reversed with the daily application of this oil or just by eating the berries! It hydrates the skin and improves the production of natural collagen!

Keto weight loss

Additionally, you should always have some Calendula in your kitchen! This has been used for treating skin from the beginning of times. Calendula has antiseptic attributes, which is suitable for healing wounds and preventing inflammation. As a skin conditioner, Calendula works similarly to Sea buckthorn. It gives a potent stimulation of collagen production and makes the skin firm and shiny!

Now, you can find these ingredients in your local herbal pharmacy or order them online. When it comes to Calendula, ideally you will use fresh flowers, but if you cannot find them, the dried form will work equally good! Here are the two links for quality sea buckthorn oil and dried calendula petals:

  1. Organic sea buckthorn oil
  2. Dried calendula petals
Homemade firming body butter after the weight loss

Homemade firming body butter after the weight loss

Recipe by Roberta Kapsalis
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Course: Body butterCuisine: Skin remedyDifficulty: Easy


Prep time


Cooking time






  • 400g (14 oz) coconut oil (you can also use clarified tallow)

  • 50g (1.7 oz) fresh or dried calendula flower petals

  • 30ml (1 fl oz) organic sea buckthorn oil


  • Melt the coconut oil or tallow in a ceramic thermo-resistant pot on very low temperature.
  • Add dried calendula petals and stir with a ceramic spoon. Slowly cook on very low temperature (the lowest your stove can go) and constantly stir. Your oil or tallow will start getting orange hue.
  • After 30 minutes, strain the oil or tallow through a clean cheesecloth into a glass or ceramic container. Let it cool down halfway.
  • Now add sea buckthorn oil and keep mixing with a wooden spoon until you can see it’s nicely unified.
  • Apply this butter after bath or shower to all the zones you need to be firmed, or all over your body. Ideally, do it at night because sea buckthorn oil can leave orange stains on your skin that will disappear after 12 hours.


  • if you would like to use this body butter as a gentle scrub, before showering, mix it with some baking soda and rub into your skin. Gently make circular movements and let the oil penetrate your skin while massaging it. Then have a shower and reapply a small amount of the body butter to your critical zones.
  • Keep it on room temperature if it’s not summer in your area because it will get too hard in the refrigerator. If the room temperature is too high (during the summer), you can keep it in the refrigerator and use 1 teaspoon of the butter for each time you want to apply it.

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