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Keto & Carnivore Mediterranean retreat 2023

Keto & Carnivore retreat 2023 spots are being taken already! We simply did not have enough time to write a description article earlier. However, Ketoniand and Carnivore-oriented people have started booking already! We don’t blame them because judging from the experience of our previous participants, this is a unique opportunity.

The most important details

Book a flight to Athens which is 30 minutes drive from Nea Makri/Marathon, Greece! The dates are 24th – 31st of August 2023. This is an all-inclusive Keto vacation with Keto & Carnivore food at the villa, daily trips to beaches, historical places, cooking classes, relaxation, nutrition lectures, dinners at restaurants, drinks at bars (Keto friendly), virgin cocktails, fresh lemonades and other sugar-free options… The location is right above the ancient Marathon, a remote, peaceful residential area overlooking the Aegean sea. At the moment we have only 4 more spots in double rooms available (this is for 2 couples) and 4 spots in rooms for single persons. 

Where is our Keto & Carnivore retreat happening?

The villa is located on a hill above Marathon and Nea Makri overlooking historical Marathon bay and the island of Evia. It’s a peaceful residential area with villas and breathtaking views. The Keto & Carnivore Mediterranean retreat spot is located on a property with an infinity pool and a beautiful garden and it’s totally private! Every day we’ll have organised transportation to go to the town, historic places, beaches, museums… One day we’ll go on a day trip to Athens.

What’s included?

Since you already know so much about our approach to dieting, allow us to cook for you, take you to Greek taverns, beaches, museums and historical spots, spend a wonderful 7 days with other Ketonians and make some awesome memories from Greece.

7 days accommodation in a luxurious villa with a pool overlooking the Aegean sea on a hill above Marathon (We have double rooms for couples and single beds in triple or double rooms for single persons)
All the Keto meals at the villa, Keto desserts, visits to Greek restaurants in the area and grilling parties
Coffees and drinks at Greek cafes and bars throughout the stay
Marathon archaeologic sites, museums, nature parks and visits to local beaches
Mini-bus transportation from the villa to Athens, a whole day in Athens guided by us, meals at traditional restaurants
Cooking workshops, private or group sessions with Keto Mediterranean nutritionist Apollonas Kapsalis
Interesting gifts by Greek Goes Keto

How to book?

Before booking, please get in touch by sending us a message to sort out all the details and avoid confusion. We have set up a voucher page where you can purchase the retreat participant voucher. The cost of the voucher is $400. This guarantees your spot is reserved. After that, you can pay the rest of the retreat fee at your pace and at an amount you desire via PayPal until you reach the full retreat fee of $2000 per person with all included above! 

PLEASE NOTE: We do not offer refunds for the vouchers! In case of cancellation, you can transfer this voucher to the 2024 retreat or simply gift it to someone who is able to come instead of you.

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