Long Term Keto

Long term Keto – 4 tricks to let it work for your best health and body

Long term Keto is the only way to go if you want to stay as healthy and fit as possible. But do you want that? Of course, you do! Is it possible to gain and lose and then regain health, kilos, fat, muscle mass? As a Ketonian, especially if you decided to go all the way KMD, you know that all things are possible, but sometimes they happen less and less…

‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

Alfred Lord Tennyson

Love thyself Ketonian – Long term Keto is the way to do it

Remember the article about perfect Ketonian guide to not cheating ever? No, oh, well, there’s this good old trick of reminding you and giving you a direct link! ;) Just click here and learn why cheating will not give you wings but throw you back into the dungeon of belly fat!

Long Term Keto

Long term Keto can include a couple of break-ups, but this is a kind of a relationship you always go back to! I am not trying to be funny, but maybe it’s the only way we can straighten our health! Yes, cheating will lead to more cheating and it usually happens this way! You will first comfort yourself with claiming that you are now doing low-carb and that your body learned to burn fat and work with the excess blood glucose!

Then you’ll get a symptom or two of your previous condition back… Or you will just notice the fluffy muffin top around your waist! Yes, that’s the mighty insulin doing. All those extra berries you thought were 100% Keto-friendly, whipped cream, almond flours and so-called Keto treats can do that! And then, brace yourself for the psychological impact!

You can gain fat or health problems back if you stop doing strict Keto or KMD!

Repetitio est mater studiorum

It happened to the best of us and it will happen to any Ketonian. It’s just the world is crazy these days and many of us will do whatever we can to keep our mental health in order. Luckily, whatever cheating or mistake we make, things can and will get better once we go back on track!

You just have to remember the Spartan mode within yourself! Why Spartan? Well, we all need some discipline, and pushing ourself out of the comfort zone will be the best thing in those moments!

So, regardless of the situation, the reason you cheated or reason you don’t do clean Keto Mediterranean way of eating anymore, remember the simple rule – Everything can be Ketonised. So can pleasure! But moderation is the key! If we just keep bombing ourselves with pleasure, soon there will be no pleasure in anything! This is why we have to be the masters of our own mind and decisions!

Sugar cravings and what salt can do?

Many Ketonians say I don’t have any sugar in my diet anymore! And then you open their pantries and tons of Keto-friendly sweetener is hidden there! Well, this is why we should not call it sugar craving, we should call it sweet sensation craving! It’s a brain game and has nothing to do with the actual taste of sweetness!

You can start with your coffee, tea and then work your way in all your Keto creations. By reducing the amount of sweetener you will open new zones on your tongue. The taste buds usually feel salt better than any other seasoning! This is why famous chefs add salt to chocolate! Well, if you add a grain of salt to your unsweetened black coffee, you’ll notice that the bitterness is gone and your morning fasting beverage is enjoyable all over again!

“OMAD” or “TWOMAD” – they both work!

So you had your perfect body and health with Keto, and then you lost it! The best way to regain is by wrapping your day with some good old intermittent fasting! Morning fasting is the king of all positive gain!

Teaching your body to enter the beneficial ketosis and be fat adapted is a process your body loves to learn and each time will remember it faster! So, just lead it into the right fat-burning direction by pushing your morning meal closer to the time when the sun is high in the sky!

Long Term Keto

Let your first meal be rich in good protein, a decent amount of fats and literally no carbs whatsoever. Yes, those hidden carbs from veggies you think give you the minerals and vitamins will keep you stalled! If you take a quail egg or pasture-raised hen egg, you will get all the vitamins and minerals you need, except the vitamin C. Well, you know your ways around this?

Long term Keto veterans know this! Sardines, liver, omega-3 rich ruminant meat, eggs, and small amounts of goat or sheep dairy will give you all the nutrients you need! A KMD person will also add good sources of vitamin C from sea buckthorn, rosehip or lemon. And your ideal body weight, appearance and, most importantly, health will be back in no time!

Just remember how the ancient Greeks did it for Noumenia celebration! They had cake only once per month, on this special day! Have the Keto treats only once per month and see how you feel and look!!! It’s so liberating and empowering, I promise you!!!

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