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Monk fruit – 4 reasons why it’s the best Keto sweetener

Monk fruit (Luo Han Guo) on Keto diet is the best sweetener you can use and we have been covering this subject on numerous occasions in our LIVE videos. Now, if you already reduced the need for Keto sweetener and you cleaned your taste buds, chances are you will need far less to sweeten up your creations.

There is training, a guided process that Apollonas performs with his clients which helps them achieve great results in reducing the need for sweetener in only 30 days. If you are interested to learn more about this training, contact us here!

Believe it or not, your taste buds can be trained and reprogrammed to feel the natural sweetness of certain foods, without Monk fruit, Stevia, Erythritol and all the other ones which we never even recommend. After that, all your creations will require far less Keto sweetener than you originally used when you switched to this diet and way of living.

Lo Han Guo Monk Fruit extract

Fact #1 – Monk fruit on the throne of Keto sweeteners

As I already mentioned, we recommend only three natural sweeteners if you want to stay on the clean side of Keto. The list goes like this: Monk Fruit, Stevia, Erythritol. Naturally, on the throne of clean Keto versions sits the mighty Keto Mediterranean diet. 😉 In relation to that, it took the gold medal among the sweeteners!

Monk fruit is ideal Keto Mediterranean sweetener because it tastes like honey and fits perfectly into our KMD philosophy! Even though it doesn’t come from the Mediterranean zone originally, it’s 100% KMD-friendly.

For the most important reason, we will mention the fact that utilisation of monk fruit extract is not solely for sweetening the food! It has some powerful health benefits known to people in Asia for centuries!

Fact #2 – Powerful antioxidant, ancient health-boosting food

Unlike other types of fruits and sources of sugar, its sweetener is derived from the antioxidants called Mogrosides. They are digested differently in the body than any form of sugar. That’s why, despite its very sweet taste, it has zero calories and no glycemic index. Therefore, this sweetener doesn’t affect the rapid growth of blood sugar like some other sweeteners do.

Monk Fruit
Luo Han Guo aka Monk fruit natural herbal remedy from Asia. Powerful healthy sweetener

Monk Fruit is a small sweet fruit that is rich in antioxidants. It has been used for centuries in Chinese and Tibetan medicine. There are countless confirmed health benefits, such as reducing sore throat, as well as anticancerous properties. However, since the fruit is sweeter than sugar by a whopping 200 times, it is most commonly used as a sweetener.

Monk fruit has a very low glycemic index which makes it safe even for diabetics. It also has several great health benefits thanks to its powerful antioxidants.

Fact #3 – Totally safe, even for children and pregnant women!!!

It does not have any harmful side effects. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) estimates monk fruit sweetener as commonly safe for people and children. There seems to be no indication or evidence that monk fruit extract causes harmful side effects. Since it has a long history of usage in Asian countries it was accepted by numerous western countries.

Monk fruit was studied and approved for use in almost all countries worldwide. Governments in Australia and New ZealandChinaJapan and Canada have similarly decided that Monk Fruit sweeteners are safe for people, including children, pregnant or nursing women

Fact #4 Tastes like honey and even its aftertaste is fixable

If you are extremely sensitive to the taste of sweetener you use, then you will obsessively search for the difference in taste and compare it to sugar. However, if you just want something sweet without guilt and with great health benefits, monk fruit is your choice. Many people reported that it tastes similar to honey, especially if it comes in blend with erythritol. Others complained about the aftertaste, which can be easily fixed with the addition of salt and lemon juice.

Its extract is up to 200 times sweeter than sugar, but there are many different blends available. Different products have different ratio and the only blend we recommend is the blend with erythritol. Remember to read the label in order to be sure your Monk fruit sweetener is organic. GMO-free and the percentage of Mogroside is at least 50%

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  1. Hi, what do I do if the label on the monkfruit/erythritol packet does not say what percentage of mogrosides it contains? It merely states: Erythritol 99% Monkfruit extract 1%

    I also have 100% monkfruit extract which is a powder but i notice all your images look like a syrup.
    Edit: Thanks!

    1. Hello Nick,
      Ideally, you will use 100% monk fruit extract and follow the instructions on the package regarding the dosage. Usually, powdered sweetener comes with a micro scoop which is ideal for dosing.

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