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Keto Avgoccino – The most nutritious Cappuccino in the Galaxy

The most nutritious food in this universe comes in the form of the small egg. Could you believe, a single quail egg has more nutrients than 3 hen eggs! Not to mention minerals, vitamins and antibacterial properties. Now, I know we’ve been through this subject so many times, but it’s really important to learn more about what’s left of most nutritious foods on Earth.

Quail eggs are not so easy to find everywhere around the globe. When they are, they are usually overpriced. We are actually really sad to hear this! The nutritional and medicinal properties of quail eggs have been known to Asian and Europian nations for over 4 millennia… You can read most of the info on quail eggs in this article. However, the recipe I am going to present to you today is better than the mythical Raktajino!

Do you miss milk in your coffee?

Let’s remember, this is something Ketonians often complain about. The heavy cream comes as a solution but in so many cases, this could be a bad choice! First of all, if you are fighting inflammation, you should avoid cow’s dairy in all forms. Furthermore, if you are intolerant to lactose or casein, heavy cream is still a bad choice! And then, there’s the contemporary problem of industrial cream.

Almost all industrial milk cream comes with carrageenan or some other thickener that makes your cream unhealthy!

The History of serving coffee with milk

Here’s an interesting fact. The Turks offered coffee to Europeans in 18th century, who didn’t actually fancy it much in the start. When a Turkish ambassador introduced coffee to Parisians, it was perceived as just a fad drink for those overwhelmed with all things Turkish.

Soon after that, cafes started opening and coffee was appreciated simultaneously with chat and gossip. It is assumed that the French incipiently used a “teabag” method of brewing coffee. They used to place ground coffee in a bag and splash it with boiling water so that the coffee particles could be removed. This is quite different from the Turkish arrangement where coffee was brewed by boiling water and coffee together and allowing the particles to sink down in the cup.

Europeans could not fight the bitternes of coffee and even sugar was not really helping. Since french cuisine is known to use dairy to lift up the taste of just about anything, they tried to fix the bitterness with full-fat milk. Well, it was the only milk known to humans back then. It worked and since then, almost everywhere around the world coffee is usually paired with milk, cream or even butter if you are a lover of buletproof coffee. 

How did Cappuccino become a hit?

Researching the world wide web I came across this awesome article. Please, read it if you want to find out the juicy details about cappuccino history. In short, it was invented by Italians, but it was perfected in Vienna, Austria. The seductive drink had a brown colour which resembled the robes worn by the Capuchin (‘Kapustin’) friars in Vienna.

Interestingly, I am writing this post sitting exactly in between these two countries, on the southern part of Balkan peninsula and I can tell you, cappuccino is by far the most beloved coffee here! I assume it is also one of the most popular coffee choices by people in your country?

The most nutritious twist – What eggs have to do with it?

Did you check our article about the wonderful Swedish invention called Äggmjölk. What a tasty and nutritious invention. The name says it all – it’s the milk of eggs. Now, if for any reason you are in a hurry and you would just love to drink your breakfast, here’s a perfect solution.

The most nutritious quail eggs would be the best choice, but if you can’t find them, then just go for 2 egg yolks and stay blown away by the aroma, flavour, texture and empowerment it gives! And look at the macros – nothing is more Keto than this!!!

Let’s go quickly through a few fun facts:

  • AVGOCCINO – How did I come up with this name? – Greeks inspired me! Of course, the inventors of Freddo Cappucino use this awesome cappuccino and frappe mixer and I just had to borrow their word avgo (αυγό) which means egg.
  • What is Raktajino? In Star Trek Deep space 9, everyone in the Galaxy is obsessed with some sort of Klingon coffee which most probably was chocolate infused cappuccino… Or something similar… 
  • Does it taste eggy? NO! You will have to trust me and make it right away!!! 

Keto Avgoccino

Roberta Kapsalis
Prep Time 7 minutes
Course Keto breakfast, Keto Coffee
Cuisine Keto Mediterranean
Servings 1


  • 4 quail eggs alternatively use 2 large egg yolks
  • 1 tsp butter I used goat butter, you can also substitute it with coconut oil
  • 100 ml (1/2 cup) hot boiling water
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract you can use any natural flavouring that is Keto friendly
  • 1 espresso shot 100% Arabica
  • 1/2 tbsp stevia blend sweetener you can even skip this
  • 1/3 tsp Ceylon cinnamon


  • Using a cappuccino mixer beat the eggs with stevia and vanilla extract in a cup. Add melted butter and keep mixing.
  • Slowly start adding hot water to the eggs mixture and keep mixing at a high speed.
  • Prepare an espresso shot or 70 ml (1/3 cup) of any coffee of your choice. Add it to the foamy egg-milk you prepared in the cup.
  • Sprinkle with Ceylon cinnamon and enjoy as a breakfast replacement or even at the end of a good Keto meal. 
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