Motivation: Don’t let them bring you down


Today I would like to write some personal thoughts, a motivation regarding the influence of some people while we are socialising. Our behaviour is so versatile and it takes only a few milliseconds to change. How many times have we been manipulated by our friends to drink a coke or an alcoholic beverage? I don’t even want to go to the smoking subject! Some people will fall into the trap and do whatever it takes to be accepted in their social cycle. How sad, isn’t it?

“Come on man, put some sugar in your coffee nothing is going to happen to you!” The legendary phrase “Are you going to live forever?” Such a cliché! Our society spins around these phrases! What is the origin of this behaviour? Is it Depression? Maybe it’s people without a spark for life! I will use a Greek word here, auto-catastrophic! These self-destructive people are usually very influential. Sometimes not only that they are driving but also leading other people with low self-esteem to their dark path.

Breaking the rules with motivation

We need to find our way to climb out of this “hell”. Get inspired and grab some serious motivation, no matter what others say! Make yourself a priority! Our goal is to help people. If not, we are wasting our time here! Help the weak to get stronger as sometimes we get help from stronger than us. In life, there is zenith and nadir! Don’t let others control your life. Find what motivates you and drives you to better yourself. Find people that are supporting you and believe in your goals. Don’t stick with people with no dreams or goals! Time and emotion vampires. Don’t be afraid to have dreams and to visualise yourself in the future. This will bring only positive thoughts! After that, a domino of positivity will start.

Believing and achieving

Don’t ever judge how small or big is your goal. If it’s losing 1 kilo of weight or buying an aeroplane! If this goal will fulfil your dreams then it’s a victory. A great victory against ignorance and inaction! Step by step you will be able to conquer any fear or limitation that your brain has set. By overcoming these obstacles, you will set new milestones for the new life that you created. Don’t look any more back in the past and wish or try to change what already happened. Live the present time and set plan or a strategy for the future. This will create new events and it will isolate the great goals from small wishes. A

wish can be a goal but a goal cannot be a wish! If your goal is a wish it means that you don’t want it enough! You will not succeed only if you don’t want something really passionately!

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