Fat – Divine macronutrient worthy of Gods

These days, your fat adapted Greek is travelling around his motherland! I am discovering new answers to old mysteries. Just recently, I visited mythical Delphi. You must have heard about it, have you? The place of pure serenity and such positivism. A breathtaking site full of historical, monumental and natural beauty. The name Delphi is related to the Delphos (δελφός), meaning the “womb”, and may indicate the worship of the primal goddess of  Earth. Later on, mighty Apollo was associated with this place. The great temple dedicated to Apollo Phoebus dominates the ancient site. Many historical events took place here, such as Pythian Games and the famous prophecies by the Oracle of Delphi.

Even in the Roman times, Delphi was considered as the place of worship and divine energy. According to the legend, the belly button of Earth is located here! People were pilgriming from far distances and offering enormous amounts of expensive items to the sanctuary. Among these offerings, olive oil, gold and lamb were the most common things. This made me think about it – people of ancient Greece thought that oil and meat were something that Gods will appreciate! Knowing that dietary fat is good for our health, I concluded that there must be something divine about it!

Fat Fat Fat

Offerings to Gods

Dietary fat gives energy, satiety and promotes health. It purifies the skin, regenerates internal organs, and does miracles for our immune system. The ancients had one million ways to purify the body, soul and spirit by utilizing olive oil. Butter and lard were considered as medicinal. Aged goat or sheep cheese were symbols of wealth. Almonds, sesame seeds, walnuts… all treasures of nature. Good fats were appreciated! Bread and legumes were considered as poor man’s food. Not because they were cheap, but because they were poor in nutrients. Bread cannot keep you fed for hours. Also, bread will not cure your digestive system, quite the opposite… If you think about the value of macronutrients – a democratic approach cannot be applied here… Fat is simply on the throne!

Fat as the royalty of macros

Did you ever wonder why Keto is so therapeutic? Our body uses ketones as a source of energy in a safer and more effective way than glucose. Well, let’s be honest –  we are talking about sugar. The body produces ketones if we are eating foods with low or no carbohydrate content (less than 50 g of carbs per day). Eating foods with little or no carbohydrates would be closest to eating in the stone age. This principle would not be far from eating habits in the antiquity. Of course, this would apply if you were among the aristocracy or Olympic athletes. 

Our organs and tissues work much better when their source of fuel are ketones, which includes the brain, the heart and the kidneys. If you’ve ever been able to see your heart, you could notice the thick fat tissue around it. A happy knocking heart is always surrounded by layers of healthy fat. Furthermore, our heart and brain work more efficiently when they are running on ketones.

Be wise – eat more fats!

Ancient Greek philosopher taught us that our ultimate goal in life must be wisdom! Goddess of wisdom herself – Athena – gave the olive tree to the ancient Athenians. We should learn from it! Consider introducing more dietary fat to your meals and don’t be afraid of it. It’s time for us the modern humans to learn from the ancients. Fat is divine! Fat heals! Even the mighty Olympian Gods would agree!



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