Psyllium, medicinal herb and keto binding agent

Psyllium and its double power

As you already might know, this amazing plant called psyllium is used as a binding agent for baking with nut flours. As with many things in life, it got its name from ancient Greek word psýllion, psyllíon, a derivative of psýlla flea. To my ancestors, the seed of psyllium looked like a flea. They were highly descriptive, obviously. But unlike flea, psyllium brings only the health benefits to humans. But what it is and how didn’t we learn about its amazing health benefits earlier? Well, it’s never too late!

Medicinal benefits

The seeds of psyllium contain a sticky mucus, which makes the water turn into a gel. In this way, it can absorb excess fluid in the intestine and therefore to stop diarrhoea. This form of the gel also prevents constipation. Furthermore, it acts as a faecal emollient and increases its volume by stimulating bowel movements. This tendency to soften stools also helps relieve pain and haemorrhage caused by haemorrhoids.

Almighty fibre

Like all other foods rich in fibre, psyllium helps to lower cholesterol. I would strongly suggest to Include it in your diet on a regular basis. It can protect you from heart diseases and stroke caused by artery blockage. A study has shown that daily consumption can lower cholesterol.

With all of the above properties, psyllium has the ability to turn into a gel by increasing its original shape and gaining volume. When Psyllium is digested, it still keeps growing, so basically it can help reaching satiety and weight loss.

Everybody loves lists

Here is a very positive list of benefits:

  1. Strong action to protect the gastrointestinal system
  2. It is a mild laxative without affecting the intestine mucus
  3. Cleans the intestine and assists in normal bowel function
  4. Widely used in many cases such as irritable bowel, constipation and hypercholesterolaemia
  5. It increases the satiety and reduces appetite
  6. It can be used by people with chronic spastic colitis

So, next time when you wonder if your keto muffins, bread, phyllo dough or any other baked goody will succeed, just grab some psyllium. You can find it in powder or in husks. Contemporary healthy food stores will have them for sure. If they don’t tell them to get it because their suppliers most certainly have it!

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  1. I just found this recipe!!! Thank you 🙏💃♥️. I’m Greek and doing keto. I It was killing me not having my beloved Spanakopita because of the phyllo!!!

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