Health benefits of quail eggs
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Health benefits of quail eggs – all you need to know

The health benefits of quail eggs is something that keeps popping up as a subject in nutrition oriented conversations. Well, if you are a Ketonian who follow Greek Goes Keto regularly, you already know how much we love them. However, we believe that not enough information on this medicinal food is present in the Keto world. We published so many recipes with quail eggs, we also never miss the opportunity to mention their medicinal purpose. But the health benefits of quail eggs deserve a whole new article, don’t you agree? All together with studies, examples and nutrient composition, these eggs definitely deserve more attention. Naturally, we need to include some history, beauty and fun facts because that’s just something that we love to do! 😉

Since we live in the internet era, information is easy to access but can be confusing. Sometimes giving too much info can lead to misunderstanding. Often people strive to understand something but get demotivated by the way information is presented. For this reason, we decided to make it easy, accurate and in simple bullet points. All you need to know in one article, but with the emphasis on the information that will help you take care of your family or the ones you love.

Health benefits of quail eggs

Health benefits of quail eggs #1 A QUICK HISTORICAL OVERVIEW

Ancient Egyptians recognised that quails were an excellent source of nutrients (protein) for their workers. For this reason, they started breeding them largely. Interestingly, quails were so popular that they had their own hieroglyph.

Ancient Egyptians were quite obsessed with Quails

In ancient times, noble Greeks and Romans consumed far more quail eggs than hen eggs. But since they are known as Japanese quails, we need to mention the story about the Japanese emperor who was healed in the 12th century. It is written that the emperor fell very ill with a desease that could be recognised as tubercolosis. But then, he miraculously healed after eating nothing but quails for 40 days. Modern medicine confirms the healing properties of quail eggs, which has been known for millennia. Eggs, however, have been used as medicine by traditional healers for treating various conditions that are mainly related to nutritional deficiencies.

Health benefits of quail eggs #2 PROVEN NATURAL REMEDY

Health benefits of quail egg are endles. To understand this, let’s have a look at their basic nutrient table per eggs:

As we can see, just a single quail egg can provide us with so many vital nutrients. These nutrients play major role in various functions. Just one of many studies showed that quail eggs could have beneficial effect in the prevention and management of diabetes mellitus. Some of other health issues that can be greately helped by consumption of raw quail eggs include: allergies, astma, respiratory infections, hormonal issues, anemia, natural immunity, vision and mental health… A scientific publication on Nutritional benefits of quail eggs published in International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications has concluded:

There were many nutrient benefits of quail eggs which most of them as good sources of protein, fat, vitamin E, minerals (nitrogen, iron and zinc) and sex hormone P. Thus, we should educate or transfer knowledge to people for good nutrient benefits of quail eggs as good nutritional foods and may be the alternative resolving problem of people in some or all nutritional nutrients necessary for human health in developing countries and may be a good potential to resolve “World Food Problem”.

Health benefits of quail eggs #3 SAFE TO CONSUME THEM RAW

Quail eggs have potential health benefits if they are consumed raw. Unlike hen eggs, they can safely be consumed raw. For this reason, we are recommending them in so many of our recipes. From ice creams to dips and nourishing soups. Let’s see some of our most succesful recipes which include raw quail eggs:

Health benefits of quail eggs #4 TREATING ALLERGIES

Health benefits of quail eggs include abilities to block immune responses related to food allergies. This study, showed that daily oral treatment with quail egg attenuated peanut-sensitive mice immune response. Another placebo-controlled study showed more benefits for respiratory allergies. Do you need more proof? Just search for words: quail eggsallergy and study. You will be surprised how many studies have shown that the usage of this ancient medicine could have better long-term results. This also means there are no side effects! Especially when we compare them to chemical-pharmaceutical treatments. 

Conclusin – Quail eggs, ancient medicine that still works!

Even though they might be pricier in your area, you should not hesitate. Try to find them! Try to include them in your everyday Keto lifestyle. Even if you have egg allergy, chances are you’ll be totally fine with quail eggs! Furthermore, just a single quail egg can give you the nutritional density of 3 hen eggs. Now that’s what we call real super-food! Remember, staying Ketonised in the world of KMD means staying in touch with ancestral wisdom!

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