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Keto Spanakopita – The quick version

Keto Spanakopita could be the most popular Greek pie ever posted on this website. Spinach is one of those things that people simply love or hate! However, things are different when it comes to Greek spanakopita. I am not talking only about the original version with carby phyllo dough! The old-fashioneds Keto spanakopita which we posted as a response to many requests for ketonisation, seem to be beloved by everyone who tries it. The amount of positive feedback from people who made it is enormous! This is why we never skip making Keto Spanakopita when we want to present the ease of Keto Mediterranean living to newbies!

How the quick version was born?

A few days ago, we organised a Keto diner for really great friends of ours. We wanted to impress them with all sorts of greek and Mediterranean dishes prepared 100% with Keto ingredients and macronutrient ratio. However, after cooking and baking the whole day (or even 2 days) we did not have enough time to prepare the spanakopita. The clock was ticking and we had wonderful fresh baby spinach and feta cheese waiting for us. At that moment, my wife, the superhero in Keto kitchen came up with this super quick version!

Later that evening, the quick Keto Spanakopita was the main star of the table! Everybody wanted a piece extra and we were really glad we jumped to this experiment. Before we go to the simplest and quickest recipe inspired by Greek cuisine, let me lead you through the nutrition behind this power-dish!

Nutrition behind the perfect quick pie


This is a beautiful green leafy vegetable belonging to a group of foods with excellent nutritional composition. It is a rich source of antioxidants. Spinach is available throughout the year, especially in winter. Isn’t this what we need? You can prepare it as a salad, an appetizer, but also as the main dish. This versatile vegetable has many health benefits, and we bring you the most important ones. Spinach is a rich source of phytonutrients that improve overall health and protect against the onset of various diseases.

Just 100g of fresh spinach contains about 25% of the total recommended daily value of iron. Spinach is one of the best iron sources important for producing red blood cells. Fresh spinach is an excellent source of vitamins A and C, lutein and beta carotene so don’t skip it in salads. When these compounds join, they make excellent protection against the onset of various diseases. They reduce the level of free radicals in the body and play an important role in repairing damage caused by the action of free radicals.

Greek Feta cheese

Anything made of Sheep and Goat milk is always healthier than cow’s milk products! Things are simple, as I wrote so many times before, anti-inflammatory properties of goat and sheep milk are known to Greeks throughout history. Feta, in particular, when prepared by the traditional method is produced of unpasteurised sheep milk were in the process of fermenting all sugar is gone! Why is it so Keto friendly? In most of the cases, you have more than 50% healthy fats, moderate protein, almost zero carbs and some decent amount of sodium to help the fat digestion!

When it comes to taste, nothing compares to Feta. Real Feta, has to be produced in Greece! This did not stop Danish producers to call their white cheese of cow’s milk to call it feta for decades. However, according to the latest lčaw, nobody can call their cheese Feta unless it’s produced in Greece by the traditional method.

So many minerals

Feta’s nutritional summary includes calcium; B-complex vitamins riboflavin, vitamin B12, B6, and also beneficial pantothenic acid. Furthermore, vitamin A, iron, zinc, phosphorus, and various other trace minerals (magnesium, selenium, potassium, copper, and manganese).

Arising thousands of years ago, our Fetula (the way we like to sweet-talk to Feta cheese) goes through a fermentation process that develops its unmistakable flavour. Interestingly, genuine Greek Feta arises from particular regions in Greece! We the Greeks know the difference and sometimes like to go into the details! But, wherever you live in the world, you will be safe with a Feta made sheep or goat milk!

Sesame seeds, goat butter, olive oil, eggs…

All these Keto friendly ingredients could be placed at the top of the nutrition scale! Now, I know goat butter is difficult to find everywhere in the world, but if you can, please invest in this food-medicine! You can read more about the healing properties of goat butter in this article.

Of course, as a Ketonian, you already know the benefits of free-range eggs and organic ingredients! I don’t have to cover this subject once again, right? Sesame seeds, in particular, are abundant in potassium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium. Furthermore, you will find a significant content of vitamins B and E. Because of its antioxidant properties, vitamin E can be called “a source of youth”. It helps to slow the ageing of tissue cells and maintains mental freshness in the old age. Vitamins B found in sesame seeds include B1, B2, B3 and B5. These reputed members of the B complex club improve the growth and division of healthy cells, including our erythrocytes, red blood cells.

Let’s rock in the kitchen and make Keto Spanakopita

Quick Keto Spanakopita

Roberta Kapsalis
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Course Main dish
Cuisine Keto Mediterranean


  • 500 g (17.6 oz) baby spinach
  • 4 large eggs free-range
  • 200 g (1 cup) sour cream
  • 4 tbsp sesame seeds
  • 2 tbsp goat butter you can use grass-fed cow's butter
  • 3 tbsp olive oil extra virgin
  • 150 g (5.2 oz) Greek feta cheese made with sheep or goat milk

Spices (optional)

  • 1 tsp black pepper freshly ground
  • 1 tsp oregano
  • 1 tbsp dill


  • Wash the baby spinach and place it in a deep bowl.
  • Beat the eggs with sour cream, melted butter and olive oil. Add this mixture to the spinach. You can add spices now. Mix well.
  • Place this mixture into a 9" (25 cm) pie pan (Crumble the feta and sprinkle all over the pie. Now sprinkle with sesame seeds.
  • Preheat the oven to 200ºC (400ºF) and bake the Quick Keto Spanakopita for 15 minutes. Let it cool down a bit before cutting and serving.
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