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Quick low-carb dessert in honour of our Keto Mediterranean retreat

The quick low-carb dessert we served on the third day of our Keto Mediterranean retreat in Greece deserves its own article. How quickly can you assemble a refreshing summer dessert in the low-carb world? Judging from our previous summers, many of them can be fixed in less than 5 minutes. Some can also be called Keto because their carb content is insignificant. Others, like the one I am going to present now, dance on the edge of maintenance or low-carb universe. Naturally, if you struggle to maintain your weight, you will not be making such desserts very often. On the other side, if you have a special occasion, or just want to show someone how easy this lifestyle can be – go for it! It’s one of the easiest low-carb desserts I ever created!

Quick low-carb dessert with Mediterranean ingredients

First, before you start judging the ingredients, understand that improvisation is the master of all success. Especially if you are improvising in the kitchen. Now, I know that not everyone can find creamy sheep’s yoghurt that is sold widely in Greece. Also, not every grocery store on this planet carries organic tahini paste. You can easily make it using a good food processor and organic sesame seeds. You can also use macadamia or hazelnut paste. An ideal substitute would be pine nut paste! Play around the things you have available.

Finally, sea buckthorn juice or oil is quite rare. However, you can always get this gem of nutrition online. Sheep’s yoghurt can be replaced with cream cheese, sea buckthorn with some other berries that are very low in carbs. Even a bit of lemon juice can be used… Now tell me, how creative can a Ketonian be?

What about the sweetener?

I invite you to try using no sweetener! I know, it’s difficult to create a dessert with no sweetener. However, if you use mascarpone instead of yoghurt, you might be surprised. Naturally, if you use low-carb berries, such as strawberries, you might get enough sweetness from them. If you want to recreate the dessert we had, you’ll have to find a nice creamy sheep yoghurt that is mild and fatty. Well, what makes Greek yoghurt so tasty is the rich fat content. We know that our KMD calls for a high protein, moderate fat and low carb approach. However, we are creating something festive, so we’ll not care that much about the macros. We just need to keep the carbs as low as possible and our quick low-carb dessert in honour of our Keto Mediterranean retreat will impress anyone.

How is the magic created?

Remember, this recipe is just an idea. You can improvise and use similar ingredients. We just want to motivate or inspire our readers. We don’t want to be strict and act like Keto police. But, there’s always a but! :) We need to keep the KMD postulates in check! For this reason, choose the healthiest and organic ingredients because we want to treat ourselves as very important persons – which each of us should be!

Quick low-carb dessert in honour of the Keto Mediterranean retreat

Recipe by Roberta Kapsalis
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  • 600g (61 oz) sheep yoghurt (or mascarpone, cream cheese, something similar)

  • 140g (5 oz) of low-carb berries of your choice, I used wild strawberries (mash them to make a pureĆ©)

  • 100g (3,5 oz) organic tahini paste

  • 2 tbsp concentrated sea buckthorn juice (or be creative and use the concentrated juice of some other berries)

  • 1 tbsp shredded coconut for decoration


  • First mash the berries of your choice in a food processor. Make sure you get smooth pureĆ©. Now,, mix all ingredients except concentrated sea buckthorn juice. Mix till you get a nice and unified mixture.
  • Divide the mixture into 2 parts in the ratio 3:1.
  • Mix sea buckthorn (or some other berries) concentrated juice with the smaller part of your mixture so that the colour changes. I got a bright orange colour with sea buckthorn juice. You might get purple or pink, depending on the berries you use.
  • Pour the first mixture into dessert cups. Then top with the other part that you mixed with concentrated juice. This will create a nice colourful distinction on top.
  • Sprinkle with some shredded coconut or add blanched nuts of your choice on top. You can also use cinnamon powder or flowers for decoration. We used lavender.
  • Let the dessert rest in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours before serving.


  • For the colour, I also used some extra sea buckthorn oil. This made our dessert taste and smell even more exotic. You can play with natural food colouring or flavouring.

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