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Saving your ketosis in a Greek taverna

Ketosis is the metabolic state that all of us Keto-people want to protect and maintain. Some of us even obsess about it! Of course, not all Keto enthusiasts are so strict. If you get kicked out of ketosis, in a couple of days you can easily work your way back in with some powerful fasting! I believe that even in the world of Carb predomination, we can still organise our lives to eat keto friendly food when we are on vacations.

Ketosis on a Greek vacation

These days I feel like a tourist in my own country. We are visiting amazing places and constantly eating out. This might sound challenging for Keto freaks, but somehow, Greek tavernas seem to be the best place to go. If you opt for a classic restaurant, fast food chain, or even some other kind of street food, you will end up with something carby and sugary sneaked into your meal.

A few days ago, my wife and I visited an expensive and popular restaurant in one of the most beautiful marinas of Athens. After reading the menu, we were totally disappointed! Not even one dish on the menu was Keto friendly! On the other hand, in a traditional Greek taverna, you will have a variety of delicious choices that will be 100% keto approved. You can trust to your Ultra-Mega-Keto Greek when I tell you – go to a traditional taverna and protect your precious ketosis!

The rules of Ketosis in Greece

  1. Learn the word sketo (unsweetened) when you come to Greece! Don’t let them sneak in some sugar or something called zaharini to your coffee. You can always add your own stevia, butter (those small cubes you can bring from your hotel breakfast) or even a spoon of mascarpone to make it keto or bullet-proof while on the go. Don’t trust those offers saying Keto-coffee! They are using creams loaded with carrageenan and other gummy fillers. In Greece, you cannot find pure and organic milk cream, so don’t trust the cafeterias who are trying to be trendy with their Keto-coffees.
  2. Order boiled vegetables and ask for more olive oil. For example, a kind of vegetable called “Vlita” is 100% Keto and if you add some extra olive oil (use the opportunity, you are in Greece, best olive oil is available) you will be bombed by the best taste you can get within our macros.
  3. Don’t get tempted by the meat in sauces. We are Greeks, we like to make things easier. So, your cook will most probably sneak in some starch to make the sauce thicker. Just go for the grilled meat and ask for some extra butter. I would recommend grilled lamb chops – the best meat in the universe. Ask for the “Paidakia” and let it transfer you to the world that carnivores and Keto people call heaven!
  4. Greek salad! Well, yes, I know – too much tomato can kick you out of ketosis… Simply ask your waiter to bring you a salad with more peppers, cucumbers and fewer tomatoes. Ask them for only one medium tomato in your salad. Let them add more olives and goat or sheep feta. Do not worry, the amount of olive oil is always enormous and the unbelievable herbs will help digestion.
  5. Grilled cheese could be Keto, but this is a bit tricky. Ask your waiter if the cook can grill the cheese without adding flour. If yes, go for it – there’s nothing tastier than Greek goat or sheep cheese grilled and served with some lemon.
  6. In Greek tavernas, most of the times you will be offered a free dessert at the end of your meal. Just ask for goat yoghurt (less than 4g of carbs in a 100g) with some lemon juice and cinnamon. That’s all you need from them. Add your own stevia and let this quick lemon cream transform you into a ketogenic gourmet expert!
  7. What to drink? Well, it’s always hot in Greece. You will be sweating and you’ll need your electrolytes back. Order a bottle of sparkling mineral water with a slice or two of lemon. Safe and refreshing!

Your Ketosis is safe in Greece

I’ve met a lot of tourist from around the globe these days. It’s going to get even crowder towards the end of the summer. If you are on Keto, I encourage you to choose Greece as your destination. I will be writing more about the ways you can preserve your ketosis and enjoy a beautiful summer in the land of ancient wisdom and best fat-loaded foods you can find on Earth!


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  1. Great post! I was doing keto for nearly 3 years in UK then retired to Greek island & struggled to avoid carbs due to all the tempting food offers everywhere. Now slowly getting back into keto & love this post it has cemented everything I’ve learnt so far!

  2. I have discovered keto while living in Greece and this vegetarian is now a transformed meat lover. It is so easy to be on keto here with all the wonderful meat and cheese. I eat a lot of salmon and halloumi cheese which neither have a single gram of carbs! Halloumi cheese is kinda harsh but I fry it thin and crispy and pour sugar-carb free caramel sauce on it which I found here in a health food store. I eat it when I have the munchies at night. I don’t know how much weight I’ve lost but the pants I brought here five months ago are falling off. At 68 I have finally found a diet that works for me. Yes, there is so much beautiful sugary stuff here but what I have found is sugar is a drug. Once it is out of your system you no longer crave it as much.

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