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Sea Buckthorn Oil –  Embarking on an enlightening journey and discovery

Sea buckthorn oil, as many of our readers know, reigns supreme among the array of edible and medicinal oils. It holds a special place in the hearts of the Greek Goes Keto couple as we embarked on our quest to uncover ancient remedies. This remarkable oil not only boasts potential benefits for cellular health, overall well-being, and radiant skin but also carries profound historical significance. Both Apollonas and I love to read about Alexander the Great and his unusual discoveries. This is how we learned that he was the one who brought it to Greece and therefore to Europe. So, dear readers, gather ’round as I spin for you a tale that intertwines ancient wisdom with modern marvels, all centred around the captivating Sea buckthorn.

Embracing the Bounty of Nature

In my odyssey through the labyrinth of wellness, I stumbled upon the resplendent plant called sea buckthorn. Quickly after discovering it, I learned that this is a treasure trove of nourishment for the body, soul and also skin thanks to the nourishing sea buckthorn oil. The fruit’s allure lay in its bounty of omega-7 and omega-9 fatty acids, its bounty of vitamin C, and an abundance of other vital micronutrients. With fervour akin to an alchemist pursuing the philosopher’s stone, I delved into the culinary alchemy of sea buckthorn, weaving its essence into tantalising creations—jellies, biscuits, virgin cocktails, dressings, and more. Yet, it was in the realm of skincare that its true magic unfurled, as I crafted my own body butter and face serum, suffused with the golden essence of sea buckthorn, transforming my daily rituals into acts of self-care and rejuvenation.

Unveiling the Science: Sea Buckthorn’s Benevolent Blessings

Peer into the annals of scientific inquiry, and you shall find a treasure chest of virtues of sea buckthorn oil and fruit in general. Studies abound, extolling its virtues for both internal and external use. Rich in omega-7 and 9 fatty acids, antioxidants, skin-balancing ceramides, and boasting a perfect ratio of omegas 6:9, sea buckthorn stands as a beacon of holistic wellness, replenishing the lipid barrier and bestowing upon the skin a radiant luminosity that rivals the gleam of the morning sun.

In Pursuit of Purity: Discovering SeabuckWonders

In my quest for the purest essence of sea buckthorn, I ventured forth into the digital expanse, guided by the flickering light of knowledge hunger and discernment. It was then that I discovered SeabuckWonders, a family-run establishment from Chicago. Their commitment to quality and purity of products resonated deeply with me, as did their ancestral ties to the verdant plains of Tibet, where their sea buckthorn thrives in organic splendour. I thought to mys, their sea buckthorn oil must be tested as soon as possible.

Embracing the Elixir: A Personal Revelation

Upon reaching out to SeabuckWonders, I was greeted with warmth and hospitality and soon found myself immersed in the velvety embrace of their sea buckthorn oils. After proposing to use their products and write a review I received a beautiful package with oils and supplements. (with some troubles created by UPS Greece, but we’ll forgive them since it’s all solved now). Oh, the marvels that unfolded! Both my recipes for body butter and face serum turned out perfectly smooth and I had a better final result than with the previous sea buckthorn oil I used. my skin drank deeply of their nourishing elixirs, suffused with the essence of purity and potency. From seed oil to fruit oil, each variant possessed a texture, colour, and fragrance that bespoke the craftsmanship and care with which it was cultivated.

Sea Buckthorn Oil Purity in a Desert of Adulteration

In a world rife with adulteration and subterfuge, the purity and simplicity of SeabuckWonders’ capsules shone like a beacon of hope. Encapsulating the essence of sea buckthorn in nothing but pure kosher beef gelatine, they stood as a testament to the uncompromising standards upheld by this venerable establishment. Even though we rarely recommend any supplements, this product, due to its purity gained our respect and we can openly say, go for it if you want to take care of your body on the cellular level!

A Call to Celebration: A Live Demonstration

And now, Ketonians, as the crescendo of our tale approaches, I extend to you an invitation — a joyous celebration of sea buckthorn oil magic. In a forthcoming Facebook live video, I shall unveil the alchemy of crafting homemade face serum and body butter which helps your skin regain elasticity after weight loss. All this will happen in partnership with SeabuckWonders. As a gesture of gratitude to my cherished audience, a selection of their products shall be bestowed upon fortunate participants. Make sure you follow us on Facebook, X and Instagram because we will be posting the exact day and time for the live video.

In closing, let’s celebrate the timeless wisdom of sea buckthorn, a beacon of nourishment and rejuvenation in our ever-changing world. Those rare gems of wisdom from antiquity may bring the golden glow of health and vitality to all of us.

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  1. I just found this page today. I’m interested in your video about crafting homemade face serum and body butter from sea buckthorn oil. Is there a special link to get to that video?

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