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Stop counting macros, eat more meat!

Stop counting macros sounds like anti-Keto approach but it doesn’t have to be! Before I start, I would like to point out that this article covers the subject of fat-loss. A therapeutic aspect of the Ketogenic diet for neurological or other health problems is another subject. Let’s talk about the most frequent reason people start Keto… The floating belt around the waist, or as I like to call it “insulin belt”!

Stop counting Macros

I was inspired to write this article after receiving numerous request to explain the exact macronutrient ratio and why stalling happens. First, I want to point out that doing Keto or any similar Low-Carb diet just for weight-loss is as wrong as it can be. If you don’t allow your body to heal and feed it real micronutrients, it will always play tricks with you.

Healthy body, healthy mind (spirit)

A perfect physique is created in three places: Kitchen (healthy eating); Bedroom (sleeping); Gym (exercising). Naturally, the gym can be anywhere, at your home, park, nearby hill, beach or balcony. So, what is stopping every human to achieve their perfect-looking and perfect-feeling body? Maybe the more important part of their wholesomeness, they keep forgetting to keep the spirit healthy!

Build muscles

Promises of the fitness industry

What made me write the sentence “Stop counting macros” is the hype pushed by the fitness industry! Everything in that world is exaggerated or wrongly presented. Amplified with the artificial approach to the human body. From packed fat-burners, industrially extracted protein powders filled with additives, soy, cellulose and who knows what else. And then they try to sell you exogenous ketones, as an ultimate cheat! Did this really help anybody?

Maybe 1% of young, extremely healthy individuals who were athletes in the first place. What’s with the rest of the population, why the supplements stores sell products like crazy and have returning customers? Because they are selling the fog! The illusion and hope that if you take just a little bit more of that powder, you will look like the model on the packaging.

Why you need to stop counting macros and concentrate on micros

Ladies in particular need to introduce larger portions of meat!

If you are just starting, don’t get obsessed with the macro-tracking apps. It’s much wiser to learn the right groceries and preparation methods. I had numerous cases where my female clients complained that they did Keto on their own, counted macros to the very milligram and kept stalling. They also had problems with losing hair, bad skin, sleeping disorders, emotional problems…

I usually let them speak, but I know the solution the moment I hear this story. When I ask them how much meat do they eat, I sometimes hear 80 grammes a day! That’s where all the problems in this approach lay. If a person eats only 80g of meat, what are the other ingredients? Carb-loaded vegetables and shovels of mayonnaise or butter. Giving such an approach to already exhausted metabolism will not have positive results.

Meat is perfectly composed, so stop counting macros and eat more of it 😉

Keto Kebab

By upping your meat portions to 250g you will have less space for vegetables and therefore less chance to overeat carbs. Honestly, you don’t need a lot of greens on your plate. A small bowl of salad with big juicy steak, burger or lamb chops will be perfect. If you pay attention to other vitamins and minerals, you’ll add 2-3 eggs, maybe a small piece of goat cheese, eat fatty fish for dinner and of course take low-sugar sources of vitamin C such as sea buckthorn or rosehip.

You will notice a huge improvement and start healing both mentally and physically. Of course, if you include intermittent fasting and perform fasted training in the morning, results will be stellar. You can choose any type of activity in the morning and eat your first meal right after that. Meat and eggs are perfectly composed and packed with the micros and macros you want on your plate. Everything else is just a condiment!

If I wanted to sum it up, I would say it in just a single sentence. Stop counting macros and eat more nutrient-dense foods!

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